Adam Scott's Caddie Gets Into Fight With Fan At US Open

Adam Scott's Caddie Will Kick Your Butt

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Of all the weird things to happen at the US Open, this certainly has to be up there. For some reason on Friday a "fan" started verbally abusing Adam Scott and his caddie, Tony Navarro. But then, apparently, the fan just started directing all his abuse at Navarro.

Caddie heckling? That's got to be a new one. I don't even know what kind of insults you'd hurl at a caddy. "You carry the bag like a 5-year-old kid!" Or something lame like that.

Anyway, Navarro decided to take matters into his own hands.
After hearing a fan verbally abuse him and his golfer, Scott, caddie Tony Navarro charged to the ropes that keep fans off the course and chest-butted a fan. The man had been yelling at Navarro to come over to the ropes, and Navarro was heard telling the fan to meet him at the bottom of the hill of the elevated tee box.

After chest-butting the fan, Navarro dropped his golf bag and he and the fan rolled to the ground. Mickelson's caddie, Jim Mackay, went through the ropes to help Navarro and could be heard yelling, "Where are the cops?"

If anyone managed to get this thing on tape, I implore you to put it on YouTube this instant for the greater good of humanity.

One of the volunteer marshals who witnessed the incident shed some light on what happened.
"I don't know if the guy was high or drunk, but he kept yelling and going at Scott's caddie," Schuch said. "The caddie went after him at the bottom there, and then the police came in and broke it up."
Drunk fans? There's something I've never heard of. Although maybe the fan was high AND drunk, the most lethal combination on earth.

Anyway, hopefully nothing like this happens today, and hopefully that fight gets up on YouTube real soon.

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6/15/08   |   RichmondSpider

FINALLY - we get some full body contact in golf to make it more interesting!


Seriously, I hope they arrested the fan - or at least tossed him out on his ear...

6/14/08   |   bostons_irishmike

I can't stand drunken assholes at sporting events