Adidas Unveils NBA Jerseys of the Future

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Blog Photo - Adidas Unveils NBA Jerseys of the Future
On February 22nd, the Golden State Warriors will be wearing brand new high tech jerseys against the San Antonio Spurs on ESPN.
Lawrence Norman, the VP of Adidas’ global basketball, says, “It was the right moment, the right team.  Even more important, the right city.  When you launch something as innovative as this -- that will change the way the players look on the court and the way the fans support the team forever -- why not launch it in the most innovative part of the United States?"
With the explosion of brands such as Under Armour, compression shirts have become more popular then ever. 
Golden State rookie, Harrison Barnes says, "I think it will be a trendsetter.  I think its something it will take people a little bit of time to get used to, but once they do it'll be good.  As long as I'm able to shoot and move, that's all that matters."
The Warriors will be the only team to don these new jerseys this year.  However, if the approval rate is high enough amongst players, it may be the start of a new fashion trend within the wardrobe of every NBA locker room. 
The new Warriors jerseys will go on sale for about $110 for a replica jersey and $300 for an authentic jersey. 
Blog Photo - Adidas Unveils NBA Jerseys of the Future
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2/13/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

Well someone hopes these are the future. Only time will tell..

2/13/13   |   Jess   |   35086 respect

I don't like them at all. I'm usually not too opposed to change and kind of just roll with things, and it's not like I've been a huge NBA fan all my life, but I love the style of the current jerseys. Bummer.

2/12/13   |   Trokspot   |   65 respect

Not a fan, but who knows, maybe I'll get used to it...