Adrian Peterson says he'll break Emmitt Smith's rushing record

Adrian Peterson says he'll break Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record in 2017

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Jul 26, 2013; Mankato, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (28) carries the ball during training camp at Minnesota State University. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY SportsAdrian Peterson is neither short on confidence nor talent. He has both of them in spades, and he says he's making a run at one of the NFL's most hallowed records. He's even predicting when he's going to break it.

Peterson says that in week 16 of the 2017 season, he'll break Emmitt Smith's all-time record for rushing yards in a career.

He also says that he's going to break Eric Dickerson's single-season record as well, which would pretty much have to happen if he's going to break Smith's record so soon.

Peterson currently has 8,849 rushing yards, obviously well short of Smith's all-time record of 18,355. For him to break the record in 2017 as he predicted, he'll have to gain 9,506 yards in 79 games. For those of you doing the math at home, that would be 120.3 yards per game, assuming he misses zero games due to injury, illness, suspension or anything else.

Peterson averaged 131 yards per game in 2012, so it's not like it's completely out of the question. That having been said, the shelf life of running backs in the NFL isn't exceptionally long, and it would be a shock if he were to maintain even close to that pace for an additional 5 seasons without any hiccups at all.

His goal for 2013 is 2,500 yards, which would shatter Dickerson's record and definitely help him make a lot of progress towards Smith's record, but is it even possible? Peterson, who came up 8 yards short of Dickerson's record last year, would have to average just over 156 yards per game. Peterson has had 13 games of 156 yards or more in his career, out of 89 total games.

It's great to see this kind of ambition from Peterson, who is currently the best running back in the NFL by a pretty wide margin, but I think he might be shooting a little too high with these goals. But hey... we'll see.
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As a Vikes fan I of course love AP but really wish that he would keep his yap shut about his season and career goals. Most of the time when some guy (Chris Johnson anyone?) says he's going to break this record or that, he falls far short. Let your play speak for itself and keep your personal goals  just that, personal. Greg Jennings needs to stop talking about Aaron Rodgers too.

7/31/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

not bad