Advantages Of Hosting The 2014 FIFA World Cup For Brazil

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2014 Fifa World Cup BrazilSomeone once said everything has its advantages and disadvantages. The task at hand for Brazil to prepare for this great event is not easy. It will have to dig deep into their pockets to set up facilities and address other required issues. However, they still have a reason to celebrate.

Just as the name suggests, Fifa world cup is an international affair. Football fans look forward to this tournament which takes place after every four years. Some begin to save for the trip of a lifetime as early as possible.

It is an event which incorporates people from around the globe regardless of their nation, ethnic background cultural beliefs and race among others. It is one of the moments when unity is portrayed at its best. Playing host to the Fifa world cup is such a huge privilege to the chosen nation since the role carries with it opportunities to display unique features, culture and talent. It also brings in investors hence economic growth.

Fifa which is the international body governing football specifies that the host nation comes up with proper systems to look into main issues such as transportation security, health and accommodation among other areas that may be related to organizing a successful tournament. This noble role gives the host positive global exposure.

This is a benefit in that the local talent is utilized and local manufacturers/industries get a chance to display their products and services to the international community leading to economic growth and development even in future.

In a study by a U.S economist on the past experiences of the host countries since 1954, it shows that in 7 out of the 13 hosts since 1954, financial growth has been slower in the year world cup was held than in the 2 years after the event. On the other hand, 9 out of the 13 host nations since the same year (1954) have shown faster economic growth in the two years after the tournament.

This well indicates that the host country is well placed for economic growth after hosting the Fifa world cup. This event plays wonderful role of bringing people together. It unites different people who have diverse languages, norms, culture and beliefs. They all have a common denominator i.e. they believe in the spirit of not just football but the football world cup event.

In a world full of racialism, ethnic discrimination, religious differences among others the Fifa world cup focuses on human kind regardless of the differences. It provides a forum for socialization and interaction. This is in its own way a social benefit to the host and participating countries.

According to Fifa, It is estimated that approximately 5 billion people enjoy watching Olympic Games but it cannot be compared to the 26 billion expected to watch the Fifa world cup 2014. This year’s world cup event is counted as the twentieth one in history. Preparing for the tournament is not child’s play. Though it is Brazil’s second time to play host, the task calls for incorporation of technical expertise and dedication.

The country is doing its best to make sure that the required standards are met in the selected venues. The officials commissioned by Fifa are looking into areas such as accommodation and transport among others to ensure the stay in Brazil will be memorable for everyone. The tournament is scheduled to run from 12th June to 13th July 2014.

Brazil football team has a lot of potential it will also be playing along with other national teams such as Italy France and Germany among others. Spain the 2010 world cup defending champions will be fighting to retain the trophy. Get more news and information about the fifa world cup 2014 at Maizu path.

Image Credit: wikimedia commons/Marcello Casal Jr/AB
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