After Asking for $305 Mil Contract, Robinson Cano Makes Other Demands Known

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Blog Photo - After Asking for $305 Mil Contract, Robinson Cano Makes Other Demands Known
"$300 million, in this tumultuous economy? Better play it safe and go for $305 million." -- Robinson Cano, maybe

The mammoth contract Robinson Cano is reportedly seeking this off-season has overshadowed some of his other demands:

1. Robinson Cano will no longer have a fixed position in the batting order. He will bat when he wants. Conversely, he will be able to opt out of any unwanted at-bats.

2. Robinson Cano will run to first base at full speed once, in Spring Training, to kick-off the new season. His time will be recorded and he will not have to perform the task again until the following season. Infielders will race against the his recorded time. 

3. Due to their inhospitable actions towards Robinson Cano during the 2012 All Star game, The Kansas City Royals will be discontinued. Kauffman Stadium will be turned into a Cano-themed water park. Naturally.

4. That farewell tour the entire league gave Mariano Rivera this past season -- Robinson Cano gets one of those. Twice a year.

5. Any pitcher who intentionally walks Robinson Cano will be demoted to the minors. 

6. Melky Cabrera's coming with Robinson Cano where ever he signs.

7. Robinson Cano is allowed to play in this years' World Series. 

Why stop at 7? Because Robinson Cano, above all else, is reasonable. Should be a fun off-season.
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