After the Drama of Game 162, What Will the Playoffs Bring? [Opening Playoff Night Live Thread]

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While the baseball world is still buzzing over Wednesday's night incredible finishes, tonight marks the start of the 2011 MLB Playoffs with the opening games in the ALDS. Leading off at 5:07 Eastern is the Rays and Rangers at Arlington. The series hasn't even started and we already have our first "Joe Maddon has Big Ones moment." Starting for the Rays in Game 1 will be Matt Moore. Moore made exactly one start during the regular season. In that start, he struck out 11 Yankees. Moore's a big time talent, but his lack of experience make this a risky move to say the least, especially since the Rangers have plenty of bats that love left-handed pitching. Texas will start CJ Wilson, who quietly had a 2.94 ERA and over 200 K's this season.

The second game of the night, scheduled to start at 8:37, will be the Tigers and Yankees from Yankee Stadium. The pitching matchup here doesn't need any hype, just the two names involved: Verlander and Sabathia. The assumption is the Tigers will need Verlander to win twice to give Detroit a chance. I don't necessarily buy that given that's it a short series and anything can happen. However, going up 1-0 on the road and getting New York's shaky rest of the rotation the next three game would be.

Q it up here tonight as we kick off the 2011 playoffs, which we can only hope have half the drama of Game 162.
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Game postponed. Will continue in the bottom of the 2nd tomorrow night 8:30. Game 2 will be Sunday at 3:07.

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Both Tigers and Yankees get a run in the first, but now it's pouring and the tarp is out. So our anticipated battle of aces will now be a battle between the 12th guys on the pitching staffs. Huzzah!

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Rays finish off the Rangers 9-0. Now, the lineups for tonight's game.


CF Jackson
RF Ordonez
LF Young
1B Cabrera
DH Martinez
C Aliva
2B Rayburn
SS Peralta
3B Inge


SS Jeter
CF Granderson
2B Cano
3B Rodriguez
1B Texieira
RF Swisher
DH Posada
C Martin
LF Gardner

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Kelly Shoppach with the first entry in the Unknown Guy Becomes Playoff Hero sweepstakes. Hitting him 6th plus Matt Moore add two to the Joe Maddon is a Genius column.

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Kelly Shoppach with a two run homer, now 8-0 Rays.

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Going into the top of the fifth, Matt Moore and the Rays are taking to the Rangers, 6-0.

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Here are the lineups for Game 1.

Tampa Bay:
SS Rodriguez
CF Upton
3B Longoria
2B Zobrist
DH Damon
C Shoppach
1B Kotchman
LF Jennings
RF Joyce


2B Kinsler
SS Andrus
CF Hamilton
1B Young
3B Beltre
C Napoli
RF Cruz
DH Torrealba
LF Gentry

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For the record, we'll do one of these tonight and tomorrow (given all four series play), see how that goes, and go from there.