Albert Belle asks for a crack at Indians manager job

Albert Belle politely requests an interview for the Indians' manager job

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Blog Photo - Albert Belle asks for a crack at Indians manager jobAnyone who followed baseball in the 1990s remembers Albert Belle, the hothead slugger who perfected the art of 'roid rage before it became cool. Belle was never interested in anger management, but he is apparently interested in management. That is, management of the Cleveland Indians. Albert Belle has reportedly requested an interview to be the Cleveland Indians' new manager.

Belle's angry antics are the stuff of legend, and far too numerous to recount in just one blog post. Indians beat writer Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer called Belle "the worst tempered player" he had ever covered. Belle's highlights included throwing hardballs at fans' heads, personally chasing off Hannah Storm with obscenities when she attempted an interview, forcing a teammate to break an entering to retrieve Belle's own corked bat, and most infamously, mowing down trick-or-treaters with his SUV. Fans of Belle's know that you do not call this man by the nickname "Joey" to his face.

Now older and wiser, Belle has requested an interview to manage the Cleveland Indians, the Plain Dealer reports. Belle emailed Indians President Mark Shapiro to request the interview, and told the Plain Dealer, "I'm just like Robin Ventura and Mike Matheny were last year," referring to ex-players who now manage MLB teams. "I'm sitting on my couch waiting for my phone to ring."

Blog Photo - Albert Belle asks for a crack at Indians manager jobAnd wait he will. Albert Belle has never managed a baseball team at any level. He probably still owes the Indians organization money for all the stuff he smashed in the Indians locker room.

To be fair about the 'roid rage thing, Belle denies ever having used steroids. He told the Cleveland Plain Dealer in 2009 that, "I was just an angry black man."

The Indians will interview their current interim manager Sandy Alomar, Jr. on Thursday. They are then scheduled to interview Terry Francona Friday. They will interview Albert Belle probably never.

Sandy Alomar has gone 2-2 as the Indians' interim skipper, with two more games against the White Sox remaining.
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10/3/12   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Hahaha... this would be hilarious. Please, someone give him a shot.

10/3/12   |   huskerdoug2009   |   2796 respect

He may never get an interview or a managerial job in MLB, however as someone who watched him play minor league baseball at Triple A Colorado Springs back in the day he was a wonderful player.  Anger issues or not, he was very fan friendly in those days, plus his autograph is one of the few that I still have.