Alex Rodriguez Steroid Week [FanIQ Blog Week]

Too Much A-Roid [FanIQ Blog Week]

2/13/09 in MLB   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

It was much busier week than normal for mid-February. Something tells me A-Rod had something to do with that. So let's get to what happened this week.

All right, have a great long weekend everyone. We will be here to bring you all the weekend goodness.
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2/14/09   |  

I used to look up to this guy. Now I am ashamed of him. It's hard to tell my kid he's a piece of junk.

2/13/09   |   ramu_leeds   |   185 respect

 come on A concentrate in swinging the ROD

2/13/09   |   Michael_Luchies   |   17 respect

I wonder what the etc. that A-rod is smoking? Estrogen? Crack?

2/13/09   |   mohan_nlr2003

 if he is popoy who is bluto

2/13/09   |   ianpajarin

Thats nice... =)