Alex Rodriguez may have implicated fellow players in Biogenesis investigation

If the latest allegations are true, Alex Rodriguez is officially dead to me

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Aug 15, 2013; Bronx, NY, USA;  New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (13) takes the field for the game against the Los Angeles Angels at Yankee Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY SportsThroughout the entire story about the Biogenesis clinic, Alex Rodriguez and the other players being investigated, I have been one of the few people (a Red Sox fan, no less) who actually tried to stick up for Alex Rodriguez.

I've been a critic of Major League Baseball and their attempts to circumvent their own drug testing and the suspensions set forth in the collective bargaining agreement, and I've spoke out against them targeting certain players like A-Rod and Ryan Braun.

However, if the latest rumors are true, I'm off the A-Rod bandwagon forever.

According to a "60 Minutes" report, Alex Rodriguez leaked information about fellow players involved in the Biogenesis scandal, including Braun as well as Rodriguez's own teammate, Francisco Cervelli.

I can excuse the PED use. I honestly don't even care about that at all. I can pardon him for lying to MLB in the investigation, assuming it was to cover himself. Many people would do the same in that situation. That only makes him human. I can forgive him for his overall arrogance over the course of his career, and his gall to lie straight in the face of reporters and fans. When it's all said and done, I really don't care about any of that.

If he ratted out his fellow players, however, that's simply inexcusable. Particularly when one of them is his own teammate.

Rodriguez has always been incredibly self-absorbed, but it usually isn't to the detriment of his team. He has been a great player over the course of his career, and even now, his team is better with him than without him.

However, this would be cardinal sin for which I would completely support any type of punishment necessary.

If it is true, he should be immediately banned from the MLB Players' Association, and their lawyers should immediately cease and desist any assistance they're offering him with his appeals. He should be ostracized in the dugout, and anyone with any evidence against him should be running to Bud Selig as fast as they can to tell the world.

Enough is enough, A-Rod. If this is true, you're dead to me.
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It really isn't that far fetched to think that A-Rod and his crew would do something like this.

Ryan Braun had been adamantly denying using PED's for months.  A-Rod and his inner circle were pissed thinking he was going to get away with it so they spill the beans to Major League Baseball so A-Rod isn't the only player linked to the scandal.

Is it right?  Hell No.

But I'm not the least bit surprised