Alex Smith threw touchdown with lingering effect of concussion

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Not even concussion keeps San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Alex Smith from throwing a touchdown. Alex Smith made a 14-yard pass to San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree for a touchdown in the second quarter of Sunday’s 24-24 tie with the St. Louis Rams.
Alex Smith was playing through with blurred vision since the San Francisco 49ers made a one yard gain in the second quarter. The 28-year-old Alex Smith took a ferocious hit from St. Louis Rams linebacker Jo-Lohn Dunbar six plays earlier that left him with a concussion in the game.
With 1:10 remaining in the first quarter, Alex Smith fell to his left on the snap and was re-routing when Jo-Lohn Dunbar made forceful impact on his neck that resulted in the concussion. However, Alex Smith didn’t seem much rattle as he momentarily grabbed the mask, making a painful face, and remained in the game.
"He said he had the blurred vision after the quarterback sneak. There's no telling. Did that earlier hit contribute? I don't know,’” said San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, later on Monday. “I don't know Alex knows for sure, either."
Alex Smith’s backup, Colin Kaepernick took over the next offensive play after the second-year quarterback quickly underwent a brief warm-up on the sidelines.
Jim Harbaugh, a former NFL quarterback himself, denied having knowledge at that time that Alex Smith was playing with lingering effects of concussion.
"Yeah, that's something, you don't want him out there with blurred vision. We talked about it,” said Jim Harbaugh, “What he expressed was he came up from the sneak and he had blurred vision and he felt that it would go away.”
Later, Jim Harbaugh expressed concern over the quarterback remaining on-field through such serious concussion symptoms.
“He came over to the sideline and sat down and felt it would go away,” continued Jim Harbaugh, “and it didn't. He told me he had blurred vision and that's when we made the move."
However, Jim Harbaugh was optimistic about Alex Smith’s condition as the concussion symptoms seemed to have faded overnight. Alex Smith was still scheduled for an evaluation with a neurologist on Monday.
“He's doing much better, had a good night sleep last night, symptoms were positive today,” said Jim Harbaugh.
The former 2005 drafts 1st overall picks Alex Smiths’ status remains unclear for San Francisco 49ers’ home game against the Chicago Bears, next Monday.
"Rather than speculate, we'll let it play out,” said Jim Harbaugh about Alex Smith’s status after the concussion. “There's a progression and evaluations that have to be gone through before we'll really know anyway.”
The Chicago Bears have their own quarterback issue s at hand after starting quarterback Jay cutler sustained a concussion in Sunday nights’ 13-6 loss to the Houston Texans. Jay Cutler too is questionable for Monday’s game.
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