Alexander Semin Of Capitals Fights Marc Staal Of Rangers [NHL Fight Video]

Alexander Semin Partakes In His First NHL Fight, Fails Miserably

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Alexander Semin, who may have the most unintentionally hilarious name in the NHL, got into a bit of a scrape last night against the Rangers' Nick Staal. Now, normally there'd be nothing noteworthy about this. However, since this was Semin's first ever NHL fight, and he dropped his purse sometime during it, I think that's worthy of our attention. Let's go to the video.

If you think I'm being harsh, check out some of the YouTube comments on this fight:

"Semin looked like a transvestite beating up it's cheating boyfriend on jerry springer."

"He fights like my little neice!"

As Puck Daddy points out, the last time Semin fought anyone was in the AHL back in 2004, so he hasn't exactly been well trained in the art of pugilism. Semin's obviously been trained on how to do a drum solo though. Or play bongos, whatever works best.

Alexander Semin plays the bongos on Rangers' Staal [Puck Daddy]
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1/4/09   |   jshove17   |   1 respect

I think what started it was when Staal told him he had Semin on his back.

1/4/09   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

I am shocked by his performance.  You'd think with a name like that he'd be able to throw down since he had to have been harrassed to no end

1/4/09   |   kteacher   |   34424 respect

Good for him! At least he didn't turtle up!

1/4/09   |   chicachericola   |   2 respect

Ouch, thats rough. I bet someone is signing himself up for some boxing classes as I type this.

1/4/09   |   affordabletax

Oh well, there will be others!