Alexander Semin Scores From 80 Feet In Overtime Against The Bruins

Something Tells Me That Tim Thomas Should Have Been Able To See This One Coming... Since It Was From 80 Feet.

3/2/09 in NHL   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

The Capitals came to Boston on Saturday night to play the Bruins. It was a rough one for Bruins fans, as the Capitals seemed to be one step ahead all night.

The Capitals opened the scoring in each period, only to be matched by the Bruins, with each team scoring once in each one. The problem for the Bruins is that the Capitals scored first every time.

In overtime, it was an 80-foot shot from Alexander Semin that is a goal of the year candidate, and clinched the win for the Caps. It trickled right by Bruins goalie Tim Thomas for the winner. For a Bruins team that is looking to hang on to the #1 seed in the East over a surging New Jersey team, this was especially painful.
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3/3/09   |   redmiston   |   37 respect

Thomas... Good Beginning (Season)
Bad Ending...
Consistency is key in the game of hockey!

3/2/09   |   yanksawboy   |   8 respect

 I'm telling you Boston going to start losing that puts Tim Thomas confidence down.

3/2/09   |   Just_Smile   |   98 respect

Caps are sure makin a run for it.... I can't believe TT missed that! 

3/2/09   |   akecke   |   5 respect

Semin and Ovi are gonna be hard to beat come playoffs.

3/2/09   |   guylake   |   321 respect

Ow. I'll say it again, ow. That just hurts.

3/2/09   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

lonelymanlettalk wrote:
was the golie asleep 

Man i hope so, that's about the only excuse

3/2/09   |   lonelymanlettalk

was the golie asleep