Allen Iverson Was Finished

Whether We Like His Retirement Or Not, Allen Iverson Had Nothing Left Anyway

11/25/09 in NBA   |   kantwistaye   |   4214 respect

With the sudden, and somewhat depressing, demise of Allen Iverson's career, there has been a good amount of talk about what Iverson could have still accomplished had he just been so selfish. Many out there still believe that Allen Iverson has plenty of basketball left in him. These same people also believe that Iverson could have fit nicely as a 6th man for some team in a instant offense type role. However, I have a hard team seeing what these people see.

While it is true that the biggest obstacle to Iverson becoming a 6th man would be his acceptance of the role, even if he did accept that could he even be a 6th man?  The answer is simply no.  Changing from a star player to a role player is one of the most difficult transitions for a basketball player.  Shaquille O'Neal is also struggling with this transition.  Its difficult because the strongest parts of your game are no longer all that strong and you must find new ways to contribute.  Jason Kidd and Ray Allen are some of the few guys currently who have been able to make this transition.

The transition for Allen Iverson though looks nearly impossible.  At his best, Iverson was a penetrating guard who created points for himself by finding small creases in a defense for a lay up or going to the line.  When defenses overplayed his penetration he could dump off to an open shooter for more offense.  Its really a shame he didn't have much talent around him in his prime because when he was at his best he was as lethal a player as this league has seen in the post-Jordan era.  However, he never could shoot.  Sure, every once in a while he'd have a game where he'd find a hot streak but these were few and far between.  Iverson's ability to drive and take the relentless beating he once took is no longer there.  He can't create for himself or for others anymore.  The only way he can legitimately find himself playing time is to be able to defend or shoot well.  Iverson has never been able to do either of these things.  He has no way to become a role player and is no longer the instant offense he once was.  Quite frankly, Allen Iverson had reached the end of his glorious career and while it is a shame that this is the way it will end, it wasn't going to end in any prettier of a fashion.
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12/4/09   |   dmcdaniel   |   5 respect

All you people that have something neative to say about AI should just shout up and watch and see because everybody deserve a chance. Go AI and watch Phil win some games

11/27/09   |   blackbrooklynbulldog   |   23 respect

 where's the baby formula and diapers for this big kid they call iverson?....Be a man!

11/27/09   |   zhum24   |   47 respect

Maybe if he was willing to come off the bench, he could've still contributed to a team.

11/27/09   |   sprode   |   52 respect

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I LOVE his retirement.  Unfortunately knowing him he'll put us through the wringer again...

I was just so sick of hearing him, what he thinks he can do when, bottom line, his personality is rotten and his ego will never sacrifice a tiny portion of what it takes to be a contender.  So I hope above hope that he'll stay away for good and I won't have to hear his yap and people sucking face anymore.

That's all it is - I don't particularly value his abilities at this point in his career, but his ego never changed.  You can't quit on your team like that, even if they are the Grizzlies.  Stop pandering around kid!  How old is he?  I'd swear he never grew out of his kiddie pjs!  Fitting he's not getting a championship ring - he doesn't have what it takes to be a champion.  He was a passing fad.

Practice?  We talkin bout PRACTICE?

11/26/09   |   BluDevil   |   618 respect

I agree with most of the comments here, he'll be back. But while I like the article, my main disagreement is that Iverson still can't be productive. He can. Yes, he can't shoot. Yes, he's not a great defender. But how many great defensive units are there in the NBA? Like 4-5? 

There will be plenty of nights when AI can still put the ball on the floor and drive and score or go to the line. Yeah, he's not going to take the kind of beating he used to take. But I don't think he has to. If he comes off the bench he'll be playing against 2nd unit defenders in a lot of cases. I still think AI can break down the vast majority of those guys (not the elite guys, but there aren't that many of them anyway and certainly not many in the 2nd unit) and be a productive scorer.

11/26/09   |   rodg13   |   17 respect

A.I. has a alot on his mind and family comes first!   Did most of you forget that??  Just leave him alone so he can handle his business!! 
If, he comes back okay, and if not okay also.
He is and always will be one of the greatest NBA players in History!!

11/26/09   |   ClippaChick   |   67 respect

It's not over yet.......

11/26/09   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

Even with his deficiencies in shooting and defending, he still could be valuable to someone second unit. I don't think he's done though. He'll probably end up with a contender before the season is over.

11/26/09   |   rtaldrich3   |   10 respect

He is by far the greatest basketball player under 6 feet tall to ever play the game, he has heart, confidence, and he works hard, this is the NBA ,not some house league, who cares if u want the ball, if you are good you should get the freakin' ball!!! Allen Iverson is a scorer and a dominant playmaker, either love him or hate him, I myself love him, he still has at least 3 or 4 years left, he can still give u 20 points a night and create his own shot, and if you dont want him on your team you dont have a clue about real basketball players. A.I. could be one of the best players to ever touch a basketball, next stop, HALL OF FAME

11/26/09   |   qtowndogg   |   1846 respect

Like him or not, he was an amazing player when he was on the Sixers, and he is definitely in my top ten all-time favorite NBA players.  Yes, he's done now and can't contribute like he used to, but he will go down as one of the greatest little men to ever play the game of basketball.

11/26/09   |   Jay_B   |   193 respect

 In the end he could not bring his self to be a role player. Damn this is not the way I wanted 2 see A.I. go out. I enjoyed watchin' him ball all the time!!!

11/26/09   |   blackbrooklynbulldog   |   23 respect

 iverson has always been selfish....i'm surprised he lasted this long in the league....good ball player but he can't play with a team...send him to the and1 mixtape tour....or the rucker....or 1 on 1 has to play as a team...if he learned that it wasn't about him the whole time, he would still be playing....when you make it about you, you will be come michael jordan never selected him for the jumpman endorsement? the math yall...iverson has always been a chuck-wagon...anyone can have skills and shoot a rock and get lots of points, but can you help the team around you better?!...not by yourself you can't....No love for chuck-wagons and i can say that because i'm a street baller and i know a selfish ball player when i see least stephon came off the bench in boston....what's iverson's excuse??...hmmmm...he never grew up! a man iverson!!!!....peace!

11/26/09   |   Scott   |   53730 respect

I'm of the belief that Allen Iverson still had something left in the tank to give a team, provided that he would check his ego at the door and realize that his best bet would be to come off the bench.  Let's not forget, a few years ago with the Nuggets Iverson averaged over 20 points and 6 assists a game.  The problem is not only AI's unwillingness to accept a spot as a "role player", but it's also the well documented history of Iverson the teammate.  He quit on the 76ers right before they traded him and he quit on both the Pistons and the Grizzlies.  I dont blame teams for not wanting to pick him up on his terms.  This isnt the 90's where 1 guy could carry a team to a championship.  Basketball will forever be a team sport and until Iverson realizes that it's not about him, he'll be sitting on the sidelines.

11/25/09   |   dredizzle40   |   21 respect

Let me start off by saying Allen Iverson will unretire when a good situation arises. You can't see what AI has to offer you are blind. He still can give you 20 pts a night. You have NO IDEA what your saying when you said he can't shoot are you kidding me? Iverson pound for pound is one of the best players in the NBA. Before people start cussing me out hear me out. Iverson earlier in his career went to hole got punished, got back up and went in again and again and again. The man has HEART he loves this game. He still has a few years left. The right situation has to come up and he will do whatever he can to win. If the Cavs approach him you damn right he will be their 6th man.

I don't blame him for retiring when the sorry ass Knicks who has an intramural squad say they don't want him.Newsflash New York: Iverson would have been your best player on any given night. People talk about his attitude, when u want to win you better have an attitude. People can't get past the tattoos, the hair and the famous Practice press conference. He will be back and something to prove. When you have a passion for something and someone tells you can't do it anymore, i don't about you but, i will have fire in my eyes to prove you wrong. AI will do that don't jump on the bandwagon when he signs with Cavs soon!!!

11/25/09   |   SunnyDizzle   |   57 respect

 had nothing left... you've gotta be kidding me, the guy is like 34 or 35 years old, hes got another 5-7 years in him.