Alonso and Vettel seek advantage in an important battle at Austin, United States

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Blog Photo - Alonso and Vettel seek advantage in an important battle at Austin, United States
Just two races remain between a Formula One driver and the Championship title. Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel or Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso are the two contenders for the Championship title this year, although mathematically Kimi Raikkonen has a chance of winning as well.
The two-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel will have the opportunity of winning the Championship title in Austin, United States. However, Formula One fanatics have their fingers crossed for a showdown between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso in Brazil.
Fernando Alonso, who was unable to win a lot of races this season, but managed to stay on top through podium-finishes lost his place on top of the Drivers Standings to Sebastian Vettel following his four consecutive victories.
Now, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are just 10-points apart with two circuits left. Fernando Alonso, who beat Sebastian Vettel for second-place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, could have acquired more of an advantage over his German rival, but he was only able to pull out three points. The Spaniard was slightly disappointed, yet he was optimistic about recording better results in the next two races.
“To be honest we were concentrating on our race,” Fernando Alonso said. “Our simulations we had gave us the possibility to finish fifth or sixth, so we were not very optimistic with today’s race and despite what Sebastian [Vettel] was doing in the race we were taking eight, ten points maximum in our simulations. So we concentrated on our race.
“He [Sebastian Vettel] did a very good race and he was able to use the performance in some of the parts of the race when he was in clean air plus the safety cars that I think put the group all together. So at the end I think this is nothing we can do, we just need to concentrate on our race and if we finish in front of Sebastian [Vettel] in the next two races then maybe we have a chance. So that’s our concentration now.”
Sebastian Vettel will be have the chance to win his third Championship title at Austin in less than a fortnight. The 25-year-old German will carve his name in history by acquiring so much success at such a young age. Moreover, the race in Austin will be Sebastian Vettel’s 100th Grand Prix race.
“Yeah, it sounds a lot. Obviously time goes by quickly,” Sebastian Vettel said in a press conference after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. “I'm sure when you ask Fernando and Kimi they remember their first couple of races and probably don't feel that it's so long ago. I think that more than anything, if you do something that you love, that you enjoy the time goes by quickly. Now, when I'm talking about 2006, 2007, when I started to drive a Formula One car for the first time, I still know most of the guys and can recall the places I've been.
“If you then tell me it's six years ago, it sounds like a big number. I'm sure, when someone tells you the first time that you came into a Formula One paddock, it's however many years ago, it might be shocking as well. Time goes by and obviously with age, you get a little bit smarter - hopefully. You learn certain things and you get a little more relaxed probably but also it's important to stay childish, stay hungry and do mistakes, otherwise how can you go forward. All in all, looking forward to going home, get some rest, charge some energy to be full charged in America to attack and obviously try to win.”
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