Alright, time to fire things up. Santana should be suspended.

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        David Wright's beaning on Saturday against the Giants was very unfortunate. It's safe to say that everyone in baseball hopes for Wright's complete recovery. But what I totally disagreed with was Johan Santana's little hunting mission from the mound in the sixth inning of that game. First, he threw behind Pablo Sandoval (who homered later in that at-bat), and then he hit the very next hitter (Bengie Molina) as well. Even Mets' Manager Jerry Manuel knew it was time to pull his pitcher after Molina was hit, seeing that his ace was interested in nothing but plunking hitters.
        I would be more willing to give benefit of the doubt if the Giants were going after Met hitters, either Wright or anyone else. Even Manuel was quoted as saying that he did not feel the Giants were throwing at anyone, and that Wright's beaning was nothing but accidental.
       Meanwhile, here were some of Santana's post-game comments. "I feel like I have to protect my teammates. You can call it whatever you want."
       Uhhhh.......Johan, what I call that is a confession that you were indeed intentionally throwing at hitters. I'm sure the Commissioner's Office will be calling soon with an involuntary vacation for you.
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