Amar’e Pays Hakeem $100,000 for Private Lessons

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Blog Photo - Amar’e Pays Hakeem $100,000 for Private Lessons
According to Alan Hahn of MSG,
“Stoudemire will spend two weeks with Hakeem Olajuwon in Houston next month. The cost of learning The Dream Shake?  $50,000 a week is what we were told.  Now, we don't know if Olajuwon is charging Stoudemire full price, but Amar'e plans to get his bang for his buck.  He said he plans to memorize every lesson so he can expand his game to include one or two go-to moves on the post.”
Stoudemire’s game slowly deteriorated last year as he battled injuries, weight gain, Carmelo Anthony’s tunnel vision, and the rise of Linsanity.  But, if Hakeem’s moves work on Stoudemire the way that it did for Kobe two years ago and LeBron last year, look for a rejuvenated Amar’e Stoudemire this up and coming year.  I'm sure the Knicks don't mind Stoudemire using some of the $65 million he's due over the next 3 years, to improve his back to the basket game.
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