Amare Stoudemire Earns HIs Contract / NBA Saturday Playoff Report

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The New York Daily News reported today that Amare Stoudemire advised his teammates not to punch any inanimate objects because the Knicks already has enough injuries as it is.  Thanks, Amare! I knew there was a reason besides mediocre defense, substandard rebounding for your size, and the Lebron James' Effect that you received a 100 mil contract!

Now that Amare has become an ambassador on behalf of inanimate object victims against violent tantrums everywhere, let's give the guy a break and move on.  For what it's worth, STAT has put in a staggering amount of work into recovering through one potentially career crippling injury after the other.  STAT will continue to recover in the off-season, and Knicks fans just need to hope that with a full 82 game season under a quality, defensive minded head coach (Mike Woodson, Phil Jackson, or Jerry Sloan), that he and Carmelo Anthony will finally gel on both ends of the floor.

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Meanwhile, the NBA chugs on with what has been an ultimately boring first round of the playoffs.  The Indiana Pacers just defeated the Orlando Magic 101-99 in what looked more like a 70 year old rumpus than an NBA playoff game.  However, the current Memphis Grizzlies v. Clippers contest (4:30pm, ESPN), where both teams' top players are relatively healthy and playing at a high level, should turn out to be an exciting contest.  Does anyone think that the Clippers' Kenyon Martin's presence off the bench will be the silent difference in this series? Martin is one of those players who I can hear commentators saying "what a key pick-up" if the Clips win a surprise away game against the Spurs Round 2 of the playoffs. 

Also, I hate commercials during the NBA playoffs (except for KIA ads with Blake Griffin).  No, traveling 900+ miles to get Taco Bell is not "well played."  That's just bewilderingly stupid. 
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