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America’s Jordan Burroughs delivers Olympics gold with victory over Iran

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Wrestler Jordan Burroughs started out confident well before the Olympics when he changed his twitter handle to “alliseeisgold,” and the American lived up to his promise on Friday after claiming the 74-kg freestyle gold at the London Olympics. Jordan Burroughs’s gold achievement was a ray of hope on a disappointing day for the Americans, who could lay claim to only one medal after women’s freestyle wrestler finished with a bronze in her class.
Jordan Burroughs cruised through his first match against Puerto Rico’s Francisco Soler to face Canada’s Matt Gentry at the quarterfinals. The NCAA champ from Stanford was a little tricky to overcome, but Jordan Burroughs’ semifinal was a bigger challenge and a thriller till the end.
 The European champion Denis Tsargush gave a thrilling match, initially holding-off the American in the first period until Jordan Burroughs’ struck back with a late takedown to own the period. But Denis Tsargush kept fighting back and struck back with a takedown on Jordan Burroughs in the second period. The two-time world Denis Tsargush, who lost to Jordan Burroughs in his 2011 world championship campaign, bought the same energy into a grilling final period. Jordan Burroughs and the Russian faced-off around the match for 90 seconds, looking for an opportunity to certain victory, when the American grabbed for the Russian Denis Tsargush’s in an effective takedown.
Jordan Burroughs had been America’s biggest hope for the Olympics wrestling and a favorite in his weight-class. Jordan Burroughs has been around the international scene for all but two years amassing 38 victories, but the American again deprived Iran’s Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi of a high-profile victory, just as he had defeated the Iranian to claim the world championship title last year.
The 24-year-old Jordan Burroughs was well-composed as he started-off against Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi, Unlike Jordan Burroughs’ semifinals match, the final was limited to two periods, with both wrestlers trying to score unsuccessfully for a majority of the time. Jordan Burroughs secured the final and the gold with late touchdowns in both periods.
Despite a gash above Jordan Burroughs's left eye that had the American at a slight disadvantage, Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi was unable to work the situation to his advantage. With nine seconds left to the first period, Jordan Burroughs launched towards Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi with great agility and precision to score on a double-leg takedown. Things weren’t much different in the second period as Jordan Burroughs again took a double-leg leg takedown, this time with just ten seconds left.
With a  1-0, 1-0 freestyles 74-kg final against Sadegh Saeed Goudarzi, Jordan Burroughs became the first American wrestler to claim the $250,000 prize set by the Living the Dream Medal Fund for gold medals secured at the London Olympics.
The New Jersey native, Jordan Burroughs, gave a hug to his long-time coach Mark Manning and graciously shook hands with his rival’s coaches before running up to the medal podium, flag around his shoulders in celebration of the final victory and achieving the Olympics gold.
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