An E-mail Interview with 970 ESPN Pittsburgh Radio Host David Todd

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PH: Tell us about what you try to bring your listeners on daily basis?
DT: Ideally I hope I bring smart, insightful analysis with a bit of humor. I’m not looking to be outrageous or controversial just for the sake of getting a reaction, but I certainly have opinions which aren’t always popular or mainstream. The key is being able to explain those views in an articulate, entertaining way that keeps people tuning in.

PH: You were also given your own national show on Fox Sports Radio. How did that gig come about and how do you think it will help you when it comes to your work in the sports radio industry?
DT: Yes, that just happened this month. A senior FOX executive who knew of my work offered me the opportunity and I jumped at the chance. The national show gives me an opportunity to discuss a broader range of topics and issues that I touch on less frequently on my local show.

PH: What other sports radio projects are you currently working or involved with?
I am the host of Steelers Nation Radio which can be found on iHeart Radio, and the Steelers Gameday app. It has expanded rapidly over the last 12 months as the Steelers have gotten more involved with the programming and is a great place to get 24/7 Steelers info. In addition I host the Steelers post game show and co-host The Terrible Podcast and The Bucs Dugout Podcast.

PH: For people who are letting to get into the industry, what wisdom would you impart on them?
DT: Radio is a tough business and you are not likely to get rich doing it. But like any other career choice, if you are passionate about it and are willing to work hard there are opportunities and it can be very rewarding.
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