An E-mail Interview with New Sports Media Expert Matthew Cerrone

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We live in a world where as a sports fan, everything is at our fingertips.

With laptops, iPhones, iPads, Blackberry's, social media apps, Facebook, Twitter, etc., the ability to acquire sports information is at a maximum. In fact, one could say that it is going to get even better for sports fans as new and innovative technologies continue to come out.

One person who is more than in touch with new sports media is
 Matthew Cerrone. If you're a New York Mets fan, you know Matt from the great

Blog Photo - An E-mail Interview with New Sports Media Expert Matthew CerroneIf you are someone who is in new sports media or who follows it, than you know Matt as a pioneer and as someone who believes that fans deserve to have a voice when it comes to covering sports. 

Matt was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us how he got into sports/baseball, how he got involved with new media, how was born, as well as his thoughts on new sports media as a whole.

PH: Growing up, how did you get into sports, in particularly baseball?
MC: My parents were not in to baseball. They were more in to the NFL. My best friend was a Mets fan. In 1985, he had a Darryl Strawberry poster in his room. My extended family were all Yankees fans. So, in what I guess was a rebellious move for a 9 year old, I chose the path my friend was on. I started watching Mets baseball, fell in love with Dwight Gooden and Strawberry and never looked back.

PH: We all know that you are a New York Mets' fan. Who was your favorite player growing up?
MC: As I mentioned before, Doc and Darryl made the game attractive and exciting. However, it was Keith Hernandez who made me a fan of the overall game.
PH: At what point in your life did you realize that you wanted to work in sports media?
MC: I never had that moment. In hindsight, I realize I always had a thing for media. I wanted to be in film when I was a teenager. As a child, I loved to draw. But, it was never good enough to just draw cartoons, I needed to also figure out how to make them animated, whether in a flip book or using an overhead projector. My cousins were the same way. We couldn't just listen to music. We needed to hook up the microphone, broadcast through the speakers and make it a radio show. We didn't just play outside. We'd turn the VCR camera on and make movies. So, media and broadcast must be in my DNA. Couple that with my love of baseball and, after spending most of the 90s bumbling around in retail, dropping in and out of college, it makes sense why was born.

PH: Tell us about how you started covering the Mets.

MC: I never started 'covering the Mets,' at least not in the traditional sense. I still don't, frankly. I'm a fan. I started the blog as an out-of-market fan in 2003. It grew with lots of hustle and creative promotion. The goal was, has been and will always be to help fans be aware of what things they need to know and explain why it matters to them as Mets fans. That's it. I don't see that as reporting. I see it more as being a friend, someone you trust to keep a watchful eye on things while you go to your meeting or tuck your kid in to bed at night.

PH: How did you get involved with SNY? What was it like when they told you that you'd be their Mets blogger?
MC: I approached them. In 2006 when they launched, their site stunk, but they had access. I had a large audience, great content, but no access. In fact, I was having doors slammed in my face every step of the way. I pitched them on partnering and working to create a network of sports blogs, which was somewhat new at the time. It took 10 months, but eventually we reached an agreement and have been connected every since. Today, I'm their Executive Editor and Director or Digital Content, as well as lead writer of
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