And The Music Played

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 When the music’s over. Turn off the lights. That is probably how Kyle Busch felt after fighting with the lady in black all night. Kyle came ready to dance. And of course just like in years past. This mysterious woman was not ready to submit. She fought Kyle tooth and nail. This was one dance that was in no way reminiscent of the way that the late Gene Kelley would waltz his way around the room. He had moves that were smooth as silk. It was definitely poetry in motion. Kyle’s dance on the other hand looked more like a mosh pit at one of your favorite rock concerts. As much as Kyle tried to gently tame this beast of a woman? The harder she would fight back. She even went as far as to send him to the back of the line with a loose lug nut. But that didn’t stop Kyle from trying even harder to show this lady who this night really belonged to.



Instead of getting mad and driving the wheels off of the car and beating up on her. He showed some new found maturity and methodically worked his way back and took his place at the front of the line. As she tossed him into the wall not once but twice. He very graciously took his licks and just kept pursuing her like a kid in a candy store. Kyle was most definitely worthy of this win. The way he handled her. Even after all that she threw at him. He took it all in stride and didn’t let her get to him. Not only did he show a lot of patience in handling her. But he also showed a lot of respect towards his fellow drivers as well as the track that also has the nickname,” To tough to tame”.


The way he has handled all of the diversity in the past couple of weeks.  Especially after all the heat that he took for the RACING incident that happened last week between him and Dale Jr. Kyle is definitely on his way to Nascar stardom. Kyle in the last 3 races has really shown what it takes to win at this level. Going back to Talladega after falling a lap down. Kyle slowly made his way back to the front of pack and eventually went on to win the race that HMS had dominated in the years past. He showed the same thing last week as well as in last night’s race.  For those who have ever doubted that this kid can’t drive. Its time to put whatever personal issues you might have with him and realize that like him or not. He is here to stay. Kyle brings an excitement back to racing that has almost been forgotten. The kid most definitely has talent. And along with that talent. He has a deep desire to win.




Whenever Kyle takes to the track. He only see’s 2 colors. And those colors are black and white. Drivers like Kyle only come around once in a lifetime. So instead of putting him down for his hard style of driving? Maybe its time to sit back and watch history in the making. Because as he continues to mature and figure out how to race each track. The wins will continue to come. Dale Earnhardt Sr. as well as Jeff Gordon have both had those fans for whatever reason didn’t like them. It couldn’t have been for their racing accomplishments. Because what they did on the track are what legends are made of.



 And I am in no way putting Kyle in the class that they are in. Because a class like that takes years to earn. It is not done overnight. But if Kyle keeps on the path that he is headed. There is no reason why in the future that he also could reach that higher plateau that all Nascar drivers are trying to reach. But as we all know only a few will make it. So once again congratulations to Kyle Busch and the team of JGR on there win at Darlington. The track that is to tough to tame. The lady in black. So as the music ended. The dance was danced. And the lights are turned off. So is another chapter in what is sure to be many more chapters in the life of Kyle Busch. Im Out


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5/12/08   |   Luke4HMS

3fan, I know you are right, the kid is fast, and has shown SOME maturity, but he did really beat up on the car pretty bad at the end!
He did what he had to do, and not too much more, that is the difference between top 5 and wrecking.  I wanna see if he still has the "Patience" when he dont have the best car!  That will be the test, his problem is he never seems to want to settle for even 2nd, but that is his way and it is working!
Great job at Darlington, I know that!
Good Blog 3, found it on the features too, 3rd page, but feature none the less!

5/11/08   |   badsam1956

Kyle is the closest thing to the late "Fireball" Roberts that I've seen in years. I actually think he could make a wheelbarrow go around a track and win.