And they call this the "Little" League World Series

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Allow me to introduce you to Aaron Durley.

He is a member of the Little League World Series Transatlantic Region Team from Dahran, Saudi Arabia. Aaron plays first base. Bats Right. Throws Right.

Aaron is 6'8, 256 lbs.

Oh, and he's 13.

Far from exaggeration, I was half his size at that age.  Is this even fair? I don't even know if he can play basketball, but my gut feeling says he'll be the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Which one is not like the other?

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8/21/06   |   fxdirect

So I watched this kid play last night.  No matter how tall he is, he has a really slow reaction time at the plate.  The announcers were praising him, but I don't see it.  He was lucky to get the hit that he did.

What is amazing is that there are 3 players on that team that weigh as much or more than I do.  Beyond Durley, the kid to the left of him in the picture is 6'3" and over 220, and the kid to the right of him is 5'10" and over 220.  Scary stuff.

Must have something to do with them living so close to the oil fields in Saudi Arabia...

8/20/06   |   CriticalFanatic

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by the way ... doesn't he look and have the same measurables Zach Randolph.

8/20/06   |   ThaChad   |   4 respect

uhhh 13 huh, mmm id be checkin all those "growing spurts" out he looks 20

8/20/06   |   The Chief

He looks like a young Jose Contreras! . . . LOL

8/19/06   |   Spikes

Wow, he's taller then most NFL players. I want that kid on my team

8/19/06   |   Seth   |   301 respect

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I have faith this kid is the right age, but if I were a writer on SNL, I would so write a skit where Kenan Thompson dominates a bunch of little leaguers ala Kramer dominating in karate on Seinfeld.

8/19/06   |   Nick

He's HUGE! I saw him on TV in the LLWS I think last year.

 That's him in 2005 he was 6' 5". Can you find him?

Now compare him to this little guy!
 Bottom Right
4' 7", 74 lbs, 11 year old, 2B and OF Chris Benedetto


8/19/06   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

HOLY SMOKES!!!  That's amazing.  Scary, but amazing.