Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen may rematch in Brazil soccer stadium

Is Dana White trying to get Chael Sonnen killed?

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Anderson Silva is one of the most dominant fighters in MMA history. He hasn't lost a single fight since joining the UFC, and he has already reeled off 14 straight wins in the world's premier MMA organization, including 9 successful defenses of his middleweight championship. He has also moved up to light heavyweight twice, and both times he completely dismantled his opponents.

Still, Chael Sonnen insists on poking the bear, and continuously disrespecting Silva and his training partners.

They fought at UFC 117 back in August of 2010, a fight dominated by Sonnen for 4+ rounds, before Silva caught him in a triangle armbar in the 5th round. Sonnen is working his way towards a rematch, and with a win over Mark Munoz on January 28 on FOX, he might get his wish.

The catch: UFC president Dana White says that if the rematch happens, it will be in a soccer stadium in Brazil.

This would be the 2nd time Anderson Silva has gotten a chance to defend his UFC title in Brazil. The first time was against Yushin Okami, the last man to beat Silva (via DQ, in 2006).

Sonnen was planning on going to Brazil with Okami, one of his training partners, and working his corner for him. Due to quite a few death threats, he was asked not to make the trip.

Why do Brazilians hate Sonnen so much? It might have to do with his constant bashing of Silva, their national hero. Or maybe it's his homophobic comments about jiujitsu, revolutionized and popularized by Brazilian legend Hélio Gracie. It might be his disparaging comments toward Black House, run by the (Brazilian) Nogueira brothers. It could be the way he called Wanderlei Silva, another Brazilian fighter, a stupid immigrant.

Basically, there are plenty of reasons for Brazilian MMA fans to hate Sonnen. And there are plenty of reasons for them to want to rip him limb from limb. Consequently, they'd love nothing more than to see Anderson Silva dismantle Sonnen in front of 30,000+ screaming Brazilian fans in their home country.

And now, it looks like Dana White might actually give it to them.
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chael already said if he beats munoz he wont fight anderson he wants gsp or get this jon jones or dos santos. he is scared of anderson period he talks good game but now he wont fightsilve cause he says anderson not a champ oh he made a career off of beating a school teacher. well franklin was beatin everybody elses ass. plus lets see he whooped leben who i hate but has a hard head. he beat 3 ju jitsu black belts in a row. one being maia who beat sonnen in the first round openind minute. ok ill go on he beat 2 lightheavyweights with ease. he beat dan hendersn on and on oh and by the way ass beat or not he beat chael sonnen. whats your resume sonnen? oh and you were band for a year after the fight cause you used all the help u could get. dude id beat ur ass square in the middle of the ring and im american but then id drape a brazilian flag over you just for the finish

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Munoz Will Wreck His @$$!