Andre Iguodala felt limited under Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins

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While the Philadelphia 76ers and Andre Iguodala apparently parted on good terms, the _ had little desire to reminisce over the past three seasons at Well Fargo Center. Amongst many other issue, Andre Iguodala claimed that  coaching under Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins particularly wore him out and wasn’t much productive.
The Philadelphia 76ers shipped Andre Iguodala to the Denver Nuggets this offseason as part of a trade to acquire Andrew Bynum from the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason. Center Andrew Bynum was particularly thrilled by the warm reception he received from the Philadelphia 76ers fans when the team announced the trade this summer. It was a experience, Andre Iguodala cannot relate to his time with the Philadelphia 76ers and Doug Collins.
I haven’t really enjoyed basketball a whole lot the last couple of years,” Andre Iguodala stated in an interview on Thursday. Last year was a big year for us, but it was just draining for the criticism to be there every single day.”
Andre Iguodala took particular issues with Doug Collins’ restriction on him shooting three-pointers.
 “So in Doug Collins' first year, I didn't shoot threes because he was like, 'I don't want you shooting threes, I don't want that shot.'”
However, last season Andre Iguodala was prepared to break that cardinal rule and was thrilled with the positive results. This made Andre Iguodala realize that Doug Collins was wasting his potential and stunting his growth.
“Last year I said, ‘I’m shooting it.’ And what happened? Shot 38 percent from three, top-25 in the NBA from three and I’m supposed to be a non-shooter,” expressed Andre Iguodala. “You put so much work in and then to be told ‘Don’t do what you worked on all summer.”
Andre Iguodala had never been a huge hit with the Philadelphia Eagles fans who were disappointed in his performance and distant personality. Doug Collins appeared desperate last season to rectify that issue. He campaigned for Andre Iguodala in front of the media and fans, trying to portray him as NBA’s best on-ball defender, and guaranteeing an All-Star team and all-defensive team appearances from him for the season.
-year-old Andre Iguodala earned his career’s fist All-Star appearance last season after making it on the second-team all-defensive just a season before. Additionally, Andre Iguodala is returning with an Olympic gold this season and was a member of the USA team that topped the 2011World Championships as well.
Doug Collins didn’t appear particularly stung by Andre Iguodala’s remarks and stated that he had “a wonderful two years” coaching the player. In fact, Doug Collins even went so far as to state that Andre Iguodala “made me a better coach” and laid claims to facilitating the player’s inclusion on the World Championship team.
“Before I took the job I fought long and hard to really talk to Jerry Colangelo and Coach (Mike) K (Krzyzewski) about having Dre on the Championship team,” stated Doug Collins, “and what he would bring to that team. Our first year we were plus-14 wins (from the previous season) and he was second team all defense.”
“Our next year we go to the 7th game of the conference semifinals, he goes to the All-Star team and wins a gold medal,” said Doug Collins. “So I feel great about our time together.”
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