Andrew Bogut Frustrated With Ankle

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bogut Frustrated With Ankle
Reports have now come out that Andrew Bogut had microfracture surgery last April, which is a lot more serious than was originally reported.  The Warriors claimed that Bogut only had minor arthroscopic surgery, but the fact that he hasn’t been able to return to the court indicates otherwise. 
"It's frustrating," said Bogut.  "People look at you and think, 'Why are you still hurting? It's just an ankle.' That's the feeling I get sometimes. ... You feel like you're letting down the team, the fans and the organization.”
"We're not pressuring him," head coach Mark Jackson said. "I want him back when he's healthy. We're going to hold down the fort and take care of business. We're more than capable of going out and taking care of the job. We don't want him on the floor until he's 100 percent. You get uncomfortable and more frustrated when you try to rush it back."
Bogut has repeatedly said that he won’t return until he feels like he’s fully healthy, but if that is indeed the case, the Warriors may never see him back on the court.  Bogut has been injury plagued and injury prone his entire career, if the Warriors want to see their big man back on the court, they may have to settle for a hobbling big man or none at all.
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As an East Coast Warriors fan, I had missed this Bogut story, so thanks. They're tied for first without him, which is better than anyone could have expected. If he somehow manages to come back healthy, or mostly healthy, maybe they can actually compete against teams like Oklahoma, San Antonio, and Memphis. Though on-court chemistry is a strange thing, so who knows what happens.