Andrew Bynum Done for the Season?

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bynum Done for the Season?
After experiencing some swelling and pain in his right knee after practice on Friday, Andrew Bynum said that he could be done for the season; a complete 180 from what he said last week. 
"It's getting late. I don't know [about playing this season]," Bynum said. "I don't want to play in pain. ... I'm 25, it's my life." 
With just 25 games left in the season, it’s hard to see Bynum ready conditioning wise for a NBA game.  However, it may be in Bynum’s best interest to play at least one game before the season is over.  Bynum becomes a free agent this summer and teams may be hesitant on signing a player with a degenerative knee problem, unless they see some evidence that he is healthy.  On the other hand, if Bynum does returns and looks like a shell of his former self, he may not even get close to the max level that he is seeking. 
"I think being healthy is more important than everything else," Bynum said. "If I am healthy, I'll get a deal. I have to be able to play and I need to get to the point with my body where I'm able to play, however long that takes." 
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But he hasn't "done" anything yet... how can you be done when you never did anything?  Even Howard with injuries is better than this guy!