Andrew Bynum Done for the Season

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bynum Done for the Season
The drama behind Andrew Bynum’s impending return can finally be put to rest this season.   The Sixers big man will be undergoing arthroscopic surgery on both of his degenerative knees on Tuesday, in order to clean out loose debris.  This will inevitably leave Bynum out for the remainder of the season and a giant question mark as to whether or not he can come back to full form.
Although big in stature, Bynum suffers from very frail knees.  The big man has already received two surgeries during his seven-years in the league. 
The dilemma the Sixers now face is whether or not to resign Bynum once he becomes a free agent this summer.   Ordinarily, signing an injury prone player is totally out of the question, however, Bynum is no ordinary player.  When healthy, Bynum is one of the best centers in the league, something of a rarity in the NBA.  Therefore, the Sixers know that if they don’t gamble and sign him; somebody else will.
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to be "done" you have to have "done" something to start with.  He never "DID" anything so how can he be DONE?