Andrew Bynum Makes Surprise Start

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bynum Makes Surprise Start

On Monday’s game against the Chicago Bulls, Andrew Bynum made an unexpected debut as the starting center for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The pregame lineup listed Anderson Varejao as the starting center for the Cavs, so inserting Bynum into the starting five must have been a last minute change.
Bynum is still expected to sit out back-to-back games, but the big man did play a season high 21 minutes and scored 11 points with six rebounds.
"I feel pretty good," Bynum said. "Still playing limited minutes, but my time on the court was pretty good. I've always had decent footwork. I definitely need to modify my game (because of the injuries)."
The bigger adjustment may now have to come from the rest of the team. Bynum's game clogs the middle and he may clog the middle even more if he starts to command a double team. He is a much more traditional center than Anderson Varejao is and that will take some time to get used to, especially if Bynum is in and out of games.

“The guys don't know how to play off of me yet,” Bynum said. “There are a lot of changes for players around me when I start. We're just taking everything slowly. I feel pretty good right now, and we have a good practice plan for tomorrow. Beyond that, we'll see."'
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