Andrew Bynum Signs With Cleveland Cavaliers

Andrew Bynum signs with the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bynum Signs With Cleveland Cavaliers
With a low-risk, high-reward move, the Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Andrew Bynum and his precarious knees to a conditional contract that could be worth as low as $6 million and as high as $24 million.  In order to capitalize on the full amount of money, Bynum will have to complete a certain amount of games per year, demonstrating that his degenerate knee problems are more fable than fact. 
If Bynum does return to a semblance of himself from two years ago, the Cavaliers could have arguably had the best off-season out of any team in the NBA, with their number one draft pick, Anthony Bennett, and their free agent signings of Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark. 
The only reason for concern with the Bynum signing is that the Dallas Mavericks and the Atlanta Hawks were not willing to give Bynum a contract after their interviews and check-ups.  The Cavaliers, on the other hand, were more optimistic by the MRI results with Bynum’s knees.  So, at this point, either Bynum fooled the Cavaliers to handing him $6 million for absolutely nothing once again or the Cavaliers won the even greater lottery this year by signing a max-level type player for essentially the mid-level exception.
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