Andrew Bynum Still Contemplating Retirement

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bynum Still Contemplating Retirement
Even after returning to the court after a 560-day journey filled with surgeries and rehab, Andrew Bynum is still contemplating retirement. So far, Bynum has played in four games this season, but is clearly not the same player that he used to be. However, if rust were the only problem, Bynum would only need to shake the rust off his feet. Unfortunately, the problem is much bigger than just rust; it is chronic knee pain.
"Retirement was a thought, it was a serious thought. It still is," Bynum said. "It's tough to enjoy the game because of how limited I am physically. I'm working through that. Every now and again I do (think about retirement)…It's still career threatening. I'm a shell of myself on the court right now. I'm just struggling mentally."
Bynum has averaged 5.5 ppg and 3.8 rpg in the 13 mpg that he has played so far and it looks highly unlikely that he much more than that this year or the near future.
"I just want to be able to play without pain and find the joy again," Bynum said. "Right now I'm battling pain and it's annoying. I'm not able to do the things I'm used to doing and it's frustrating."
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