Andrew Bynum Will Practice in 1-2 Weeks

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Blog Photo - Andrew Bynum Will Practice in 1-2 Weeks
According to John Finger of, Andrew Bynum will begin practicing with the Philadelphia Sixers in 1-2 weeks.  Finger says, “Bynum says he's going to have to play through pain and doesn't believe the injury can get worse by playing. Bynum added that he's 100 percent sure he will play this year.”
If Bynum is able to practice in the next 1-2 weeks, this probably means that he should be able to step on the floor before the end of March.  This will give the big man at least 15 games in the regular season before the playoffs begin, which is plenty of time to shake off some, but not all of the rust he might be feeling.
After returning back to Philadelphia after All Star weekend in Houston, Jrue Holiday, said, "I feel like that break definitely helped him.” 
If the former All Star can come back to even a shell of himself this year, look for the Sixers to be a dark horse in the Eastern Conference playoffs.  Bynum, at one point, was arguably the second best center in the league.  And if somewhat healthy, the Sixers will have a major upgrade in the center position from Spencer Hawes. 
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Bynum your ass ain't gonna do a damm thing !

2/19/13   |   grenzaboka