Andrew Bynum still not “close to playing” after first practice

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Earlier on Friday there were leaked reports claiming center Andrew Bynum participated in his first 5-on-5 scrimmage since being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. Coach Doug Collins later confirmed those rumors but he his feedback on the practice indicated Andrew Bynum is far from making a miraculous comeback within a short period.
"He looked like a guy who hadn't played in nine months," said Doug Collins. "I don't think any bells and whistles should be sent off that he's close to playing."
Andrew Bynum still hasn’t made his Philadelphia 76ers debut since being traded by the Los Angeles Lakers last summer, which has been another dark cloud over the 76ers’ disappointing season so far.
"It's amazing seeing him standing out there; he distorted the whole practice. You get visions of what might've been ... He's said that he's going to play, but this season is slipping away,” continued Doug Collins. “We've got 24 games after (this weekend). We're eight (games) under .500, and we've got to play the Miami Heat four times."
Until now, Andrew Bynum had been exclusively working with coaches and team medical personnel, but after seeing the team practice 5-on-5, Bynum spontaneously decided to jump in. Now, for both parties, it will be highly important how Andrew Bynum progresses form here on during practice as it could determine when he’s capable of playing a real game.
Previously, Andrew Bynum’s expected return date has been constantly pushed back to a series of setbacks while recovering from bilateral bone bruises and prevailing knee issues, which he tried to battle with an offseason knee surgery in Germany. But Andrew Bynum has remained optimistic that he will play this season, and even indicated earlier this week that he will be back practicing with his teammates ina  week or two.
"I'll definitely be back sometime this year," Andrew Bynum said while revealing they’d increased his workout in recent days. "I'm focused on getting back and being right versus trying to rush."
When the Philadelphia 76ers had acquired Andrew Bynum, they were optimistic he’d return in time since last season Bynum played 60 games for the Los Angeles Lakers. But Andrew Bynum’s been on the sidelines so far while he keeps the team updated on his health and recovery progress since the 25-year-old’s treatment is being headed by a New York-based doctor of his own choosing.
"You should talk to him," Doug Collins responded to the media’s demand for updates on Andrew Bynum’s status. "I don't want to be the messenger because they shoot messengers."  
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