Andrew Luck: First Impressions

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Aug 19, 2012; Pittsburgh , PA, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) throws a pass in front of Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley (56) during the first half of the game at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-US PRESSWIREWatched a good bit of the Colts/Steelers exhibition tilt on Sunday night. Before you ask, yeah I hate exhibition football, but it was a slow Sunday night. Very slow. Sure, North by Northwest was on Turner Classic Movies, but I've seen it many times and I kind of wanted to see what this Andrew Luck kid looked like. He carved up the Rams in his first game, but in this one he'd be going against Pittsburgh's first string D for at least the first quarter.  

Living on the East Coast I only really watched Luck play at Stanford sporadically, and caught most of his exploits on next-day highlights. First thing you notice is, the kid's got a big mouth full of teeth. While we're on appearances, not sure what's going on with that beard of his either. Looks vaguely reminiscent of one that Cliff Clavin attempted to grow on an old episode of Cheers and connects, sort of, to the slightest trace of a mustache. He may want to rethink the whole facial hair thing. This is all apropos of nothing, of course. It's all about what he does on the field, and I got a pretty good idea during the first half.

On the first series, Luck telegraphed an early misdirection screen by looking too soon at his intended target, Reggie Wayne. No big deal, really. Those kinds of things will work themselves out. Just watching his first few throws, there was one thing that actually surprised me. For a big guy he's surprisingly fast. That will obviously serve him well in the NFL. Needs to work on his sliding though. He's no Dan Marino, but his release his pretty quick too. There were a couple of plays when he held on to the ball a bit too long but, still, Dick LeBeau's zone blitz didn't get to him so how bad could it be? Later Ike Taylor picked him for a 49-yard touchdown, Luck's unofficial first NFL interception. I thought he may have thrown off his back foot. I was wrong. He stepped into it, just didn't read it right. He was intercepted again later, but it wasn't his fault. All in all, the first half of the first quarter was a struggle.

Towards the latter half of the first quarter, Luck really got in a groove and started slinging it. Nothing too big downfield but spreading the ball around and moving the chains. He looked pretty damn good as the Colts cut the Steelers 14-0 lead in half at the beginning of the second quarter. The first half ended with the Colts up 17-14 and I finally turned my attention back to the Hitchcock classic on TCM. Speaking of Hitch, I'm only basing this one one half of one lousy preseason game but, Luck looks like he may be giving opposing defenses nightmares in the not-too-distant future. 
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