Andrew Luck sets rookie passing record in win over the Dolphins

Andrew Luck is exactly who we thought he was

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Blog Photo - Andrew Luck sets rookie passing record in win over the DolphinsAndrew Luck hasn't put up the eye-popping fantasy football numbers that we've seen from Robert Griffin III... until this week, at least, when he set a single game rookie passing record with 433 yards.

Luck, who has only 10 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, hasn't been the flashiest QB in the league through his first few games, and he isn't running all over the field like Griffin has done. He's not putting up the gaudy numbers that Cam Newton or Peyton Manning had in their rookie years, either.

Still, the Colts are a rather surprising 5-3, only a year after finishing 1-15.

That record has them tied with teams like Peyton Manning's new team, the Denver Broncos, as well as traditionally elite teams like the Patriots and Steelers.

The Colts are legitimate playoff contenders, and it's largely due to their young QB, and particularly the great rapport that he has built with his receivers, especially veteran Reggie Wayne.

Wayne has always been an outstanding WR, but he's having a career year this year thanks to an incredible working relationship with Luck. Every game, it seems like they make great plays that emphasize the level of communication and understanding between the two of them.

Andrew Luck is developing extremely quickly into one of the game's best quarterbacks. This week was a glimpse into what his future will be, and there should be no doubt that he'll be an outstanding QB for years to come. Taking nothing away from outstanding young QBs like Cam Newton, RG3, and even Ryan Tannehill, who has shown flashes of excellence, Luck is the future face of the NFL, just like the Colts were hoping, when they drafted him.
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If you have watched Luck, then I would argue that he is definitely mobile and does run around and buy himself time to make plays... for whatever reason, people sort of atuomatically discount this and repeatedly say that he is "less flashy" or "athletic" (largely because they're comparing him to RG3 - who actually has run plays called for him).   

Luck has 400+ yds more than RG3.  Luck has 13 total TDs (10 pass, 3 rush). Luck has 14 total TOs (8int, 6 fumbles).  Luck is 5-3 (he would be 6-2 if Indy's defense hadn't given up an 80yd TD to Jax in the last minute of the game).

RG3 has 14 total TDs (8 pass, rush), and 11 TOs (3 int, 8 fumbles). 

At this point in their rookie seasons, Luck is better than Manning was in nearly every category.  Especially the ints (trust me, it was painful to watch Peyton put together good drives only to throw picks in the red zone that first year...).

It's interesting how his performance has been packaged/perceived by people up to this point. 

What's also interesting is the relative success that all of the rookie QBs have had thus far in the NFL.  They have all made big-time impacts on their teams and have all performed well (especially given the situations into which many of them found themselves...).