Andy Murray advances to U.S. Open final after beating Thomas Berdych

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With tornado warning and rain forecast prior to Andy Murray’s U.S. Open  semifinal against Czech Republic’s Thomas Berdych, the game promised to be a challenge due charging winds as both players struggled to meet racket with the ball at several occasions.
However, the Scott fared the weather conditions better to advance to his fifth Grand Slam final with hopes to bag his first Grand Slam title on Monday. Murray mastered better ball control mixing up each shot with sudden spins, short slices, suddenly plunging shots and dunks to keep an annoyed Thomas Berdych constantly on his toes.
 Midway through the first set, with fourth-seed David Ferrer leading at 5-2, defending champion Novak Djokovic’s semifinal moved fourth to Sunday after tournament referee Brian Earley intervened due to the harsh weather conditions.
Third-seed Andy Murray somewhat adapted to the weather with winds running at 20mph to claim a victory with 5-7, 6-2, 6-1, 7-6 (7) after a grilling 3-hour, 58-minute game.
"It was brutal," said Andy Murray. "Hard to describe. You had to focus for every single point.”
Every shot needed to be recalibrated at the last moment and players focused on adjusting shots that changed direction midway on their course.
 "You have to get yourself in the right position for every shot," described Andy Murray. "The ball sometimes stops moving and goes the other way."
The Olympic champ also played a U.S. Open final against Rodger Federer in 2008, and lost the Wimbledon final last month against him. However, Rodger Federer was taken out in the U.S. Open quarterfinals by Thomas Berdych.
"I'm obviously a lot more mature," said Andy Murray, recalling his last U.S. Open final. "I have had a lot more experience in these sort of situations than obviously then. It was my first Slam final."
Thomas Berdych stated he evaluated no other reason for his game to “crash” Saturday other than the swirling winds which accounted for his 64 unforced in the four sets. Andy Murray kept his unforced errors low at 20.
"It was something (that) really (affected) my game,” Thomas Berdych complained of the windy conditions. “But that's how it is."
There were challenges at every corner. As Andy Murray ,made the serve for the last game of the second set, his changeover chair was dragged into the court by the unruly winds. With all contents of his racket bag strewn over the court the point was suspended on a let, which resulted in Andy Murray’s progress being stalled to bring the score to a set apiece.
At one occasion, the 6-foot-5 Thomas Berdych was rocked by the winds on a serve right before the third set.
Frustrations flew later on a break point in the fourth game when Andy Murray’s cap blew-of f when he rushed to pick a drop shot. Thomas Berdych failed to reach Andy Murray’s return on time and complained to the umpire chair that the flying cap served as a distraction during the play.
A ball was replayed and Thomas Berdych scored for a break. Andy Murray certainly wasn’t happy as he left his cap to the sidelines.
But Thomas Berdych applauded his competition’s adaptive skills after the game.
 “Andy was better in this part definitely, and that's why he actually took the win,” stated Thomas Berdych.
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