Andy Reid to continue coaching in 2013

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With the year Andy Reid’s had (from a professional and personal aspect) as well as the 4-9 Philadelphia Eagles’ disappointing season, it would make a lot of sense for Reid to take some time off in 2013, following speculations him losing the coaching job already in the air at the end of the season (although Jerry Lurie still has to drop the axe).
However, Andy Reid made it very clear in interview with Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports that he doesn’t intend to spend time away from NFL in 2013 after coaching for 21 seasons.
"That's not where I'm at. No. Listen, I'm a coach. I don't hide that from anybody,” Andy Reid said when asked about possibly going into temporary retirement in 2013. “This is what I do. And I enjoy doing it. I love every day of it. I sure like winning more than losing, but I also am very privileged to be a coach in the National Football League."
Andy Reid’s recently made a nice combined effort with Nick Foles to turnaround a lackluster performance by the Philadelphia Eagles this season, probably a little too late. However, the Philadelphia Eagles seemed to take their first big step towards improvement in a road loss to the Dallas Mavericks two weeks ago. Quarterback Nick Foles again led the Philadelphia Eagles to a remarkable comeback against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week. Andy Reid certainly seemed to have found his spark in the Philadelphia Eagles by the end of the game while rookie Nick Foles promises a lot of potential.
From the way he’s been to deal with the ups and downs of the season, Andy Reid doesn’t seem done with coaching yet.
"No, I've got the energy. The energy is there,” stated Andy Reid. “Listen, you'd have to talk to people around me. I'm not gonna sit here and ... you know how I am. I keep my energy level up. I enjoy what I'm doing."
"After his son died, I thought maybe (he needed a year off). But he's still really into it. He wants to win a world championship,” Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek supported Andy Reid’s love for coaching. “Not only does he want to win one, but he wants to win one in Philly."
While the team could retain Andy Reid at the end of the season, there seems to be an air of finality surrounding Reid’s 14 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles. Two defensive assistants have already lost their jobs, while the Philadelphia Eagles have also undergone quarterback changes. But with Andy Reid’s departure the Philadelphia Eagles may undertake several other moves.
Andy Reid’s name has already popped up in coaching opening at San Diego which although seems an unlikely fit indicates that there’s a going to be interest in Reid around the league. So, Andy Reid is inevitably going to land a coaching job one way or the other with some team for the 2013-14 season.
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