Another cheater bites the dust

Paul Menard and company docked points for infractions at Michigan

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Blog Photo - Another cheater bites the dustNot to be left out of the cheating scandals that have currently plagued the sports world, Nascar has handed down some fines and suspensions to Paul Menard's racing team for infractions discovered after this past weekend's race in Michigan.  Menard himself and car owner Richard Childress got docked 25 points, crew chief Slugger Labbe fined $100,000, suspended from Nascar until Oct. 3 and placed on probation through the end of the year while car chief Craig Smokestad and crew member Grant Hutchens were both suspended until Oct. 3.  

The penalties come after Menard's car was randomly selected to be inspected after the Michigan race, where Menard finished 9th.  Nascar took the car back to their development and research center and found that the frame rails had been intentionally modified in an "effort to deceive the inspectors".  

The loss of points to Menard really puts a dagger in his attempts to qualify for the chase for the championship. Prior to the infractions, Menard needed to win one of the last three races and gain 15 points on 12th place driver Ryan Newman.  Now, Menard will more then likely have to win two of the last three races, a feat not out of the question but one that will be harder given the new crew changes that will have to be made.

This isn't the first time Slugger Labbe has been suspended.  In 2006, he was suspended four weeks due to an illegally mounted sway bar on Dale Jarrett's Robert Yates car. 

The Sprint Cup Series returns to action this weekend under the lights at Bristol.
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Cheat and still can't win...time to quit

8/23/12   |   Canadianhick   |   2149 respect

Richard Childress is appealing (of course) and most likely will win his appeal since he is "good buddies" with John Middlebrook (if it gets to that point I'm like 99% sure it will). There is just so many things wrong with having a good buddy and a Chevy enthusiast being the chief appellate officer. Much like the Hendrick situation back at Daytona in February.