Antawn Jamison chose Los Angeles Lakers for Mike Brown

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Blog Photo - Antawn Jamison chose Los Angeles Lakers for Mike Brown

For Antawn Jamison, it was a “a no-brainer” that he was following head coach Mike Brown out of Cleveland Cavaliers following the 2012 free agency. For the Los Angeles Lakers veteran Antawn Jamison was the ideal fit to solve their issues at the backup forward spot.
However, it wasn’t Los Angeles Lakers’ star packed front court that inclined Antawn Jamison to go for the one-year $1.3 million contract. Nor was it the team’s potential championship contender status this season that drew back Antawn Jamison’s dreams for his first championship ring in 14 seasons.
For forward Antawn Jamison it was the hopes of a fresh new start under afamiliar and yet slightly altered leadership.
"He (Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown) was one of the reasons I wanted to come here, "stated Antawn Jamison.
Antawn Jamison spent time under Mike Brown while he was in his last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In a surprise move at the end of the 2009-2010 season, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired Mike Brown when the team failed in the NBA Finals.
Despite their postseason disappointment, theCleveland Cavalier led by LeBron James, cruised through the 2009-2010 regular-season with great ease on, winning 61 games, with hardly much effort from being put-in.
It was Mike Browns’ fifth season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and he’d built a system surrounding LeBron James with young talent, that didn’t require much outside interference. It’s indisputable that the Cleveland Cavaliers would have fared better with a full-time surveillance back then.
That’s one of the dramatic changes Mike Brown has brought to his coaching with the Los Angeles Lakers. Antawn Jamison noticed that the Mike Brown, who’s in his second-year of coaching the Los Angeles, was more up-close and putting in more effort with the start of training camp on 2nd October. Mike Brown scrutinized over every detail and built a 100 percent plan with no cracks this time around.
"He has to put his stamp on what he wants us to do," Antawn Jamison described Mike Browns’ impact on the Los Angeles Lakers."He wants us to do things the correct way. It's good."
The restructured system revolves around a lot of free-flowing Princeton offense, with a wide variety of new faces on the roster this season. The top priority remains to find combinations and build chemistry towards a dominating team. In other words, Mike Brown is taking full control.
"He's not willing to let things go through the cracks now. He's really on point,” stated Antawn Jamison.“I think they had a comfort zone in Cleveland where they could kind of just go through the motions.”
However, there’s still a feeling of relaxation after the strenuous lockout shortened season last year. Mike Brown had been rushing things along in his first year of coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, only allowing players breathers in between 19 consecutive games.
He’s cut back on all that hurry and this season. Los Angeles Lakers adopted a slower pace during training camp this season. In fact, the Los Angeles Lakers were on schedule for their second day-off during two weeks of training camp.
"He's the perfect fit for this type of situation," Antawn Jamison stated based on Mike Brown’s experience and merits. "I don't know how many coaches could come in here and put their stamp on this team."
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