Antonio Cromartie: Sanchez Jets “only quarterback”, haters can “kiss my butt”

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New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie loves to get his opinions heard. However, Antonio Cromartie often delivers such messages in a very crude language, which has previously gotten him into disputes with teammates. But this time Antonio Cromartie turned his wrath towards the Tim Tebow fans who have been rallying for the struggling New york Jets starter Mark Sanchez to be replaced by the backup quarterback Tebow.
"They can kiss my butt,” said Antonio Cromartie after another New York Jets’ loss this week. “At the end of the day, we could give a damn what anybody on the outside has to say. Mark is our quarterback and he's going to continue to be our quarterback.”
“There's not going to be no division, talking about who needs to be our quarterback,” continued Antonio Cromartie. “Mark is our quarterback and he's our only quarterback."
Amongst those to whom Antonio Cromartie’s passionate statement could be directed is former New York Jets coach quarterback Joe Nagmath. After the New York Jets’ miserable loss to Seattle Seahawks Sunday, the 69-year-old Hall of Famer expressed in a series of tweets that Mark Sanchez’s time was up and Tim Tebow should be given shot.
New York Jets coach Rex Ryan again reiterated his stance to start Mark Sanchez in to Week 11, despite a cringe-worthy performance by with only 9-of-22 passes completed for 124 yards and two touchdowns.
"We're sticking with Mark," Ryan said. "Because I believe we can win with Mark."
However, its’ becoming harder to see how the New York Jets (3-6) can keep up this charade, especially after Rex Ryan labeled Sunday night as “a brutal loss" (28-7) to the Seattle Seahawks.
However, Mark Sanchez claimed that he’s not concerned about losing the starting job, with apparently the whole team backing him as their No.1 quarterback.
“That never really crosses my mind. I am too confident for that,” said Mark Sanchez. “We have won too many games together.”
Mark Sanchez is slated to start against the former USC coach and current St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer on 18th November. The St. Louis Rams are 3-5-1 after Sunday’s tie with the San Francisco 49ers.
The New York Jets head into a Thanksgiving game against the New England Patriots over a week later. So, any changes the New York Jets are considering making at the starting quarterback spot will have to be settled this.
Then again, maybe Rex Ryan is waiting for the New York Jets to hit an irreversible record before giving Tim Tebow a shot. Let’s just hope a seventh loss is enough for Rex Ryan to consider some changes on the offense.
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