Are the Mets really honoring Chipper Jones?

Mets honoring Chipper Jones: What a joke!!!!

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Blog Photo - Are the Mets really honoring Chipper Jones?The NY Mets never cease to amaze me. For the better part of his career Chipper Jones has haunted Mets fans in every way of the word. The man went as far as to name his son Shea. If you're a die-hard Mets fan--you loathe Chipper Jones. However, the Mets front office thinks it's a good idea to honor Chipper, who is retiring at season's end.

As a fan just think of honoring your most hated rival and try not to vomit. It would be like the Yankees honoring any Red Sox player not named Johnny Damon or Roger Clemens. As a Yankees fan could you imagine honoring David Ortiz, Curt Schilling or Jonathon Papelbon? Did you just throw up in your mouth a little? It would be like the Knicks honoring Michael Jordan or Reggie Miller.

Chipper Jones caused great pain to millions of Mets fans (ok, they probably don't have millions of fans) and this is how ownership treats their fan base?  It's bad enough the team is poor and can't spend a dime on any player. If I were a Mets fan, this would be the day I would hand in my fan card. I would be too embarrassed to ever root for the franchise again.

It's like honoring the man who raped your wife or girlfriend. Just a total disgrace. It would be like the United States honoring Al Qaeda for 9/11. Okay, not to that extreme, but I couldn't resist that line.

Dark day for Mets fans everywhere. Never too late to become a Yankees fan.
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Yeah, I actually forgot the Knicks did honor Miller. The die hard fan in me just doesn't get that.

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It's fitting that Chipper is being honored in NY as Reggie Miller heads to the NBA HoF. As a Knicks fan, Miller was the greatest villen. He broke my heart so many times. That said, I was proud to applaud him at MSG when he was on his retirement tour. You are cheering his career, his effort and even to some extent the heart-wrenching agony he brought you.