Arenas and the Lakers offense

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Only recently it was seen that Gilbert Arenas was working out for the Los Angeles Lakers, although it remains to be seen whether they have as yet hired him or not. Yahoo! Sports has reported:
"Two sources familiar with the workout said Arenas moved well and made a positive impression, but there was no sense of how quickly – if at all – the Lakers would pursue signing him to a free-agent contract."
Experts, however have said that Arenas is not the solution to the Lakers current problems. Their offense is already very weak, and adding Arenas to the team would only worsen it further rather than improve it. His performance can be easily predicted just looking at last year’s games. 
His last year’s numbers do nothing to improve his already damaged image. His average was 15field goal attempts with only a 0.366 field goal percentage.and the year before that it was only .411. not to mention the extremely poor offensive rating of recent years Arenas has proved to be a liability on whatever team chooses him, and this sort of attitude is not going to get him anywhere.
The poor offense that the Lakers have at the moment does not ask for another shooter who knows nothing better to do than force up bad shots. If that was the answer they could easily have let Metta World Peace have more possessions. What the Lakers need at this point is for a player to defend opposing point guards and distribute the ball; something which Arenas does not do at all.
Putting Arenas on the team means that Lakers big men are going to get even lesser chances at the ball. So the question remains is this that whether the Lakers want a player who will distribute the ball among the Lakers’ bigs or let them have even lesser chances at it? Because if the answer is the latter then taking Arenas on makes sese, but then again, that would completely crumble their offense.
The truth is that at the moment there is no such player available, who is capable of scoring up to 15 points, and gives 8 to 10 dimes on top of that, and also shoots from deep while defending the position. If any such player were indeed available he would already have signed with the Knicks.
Sessions on the Lakers fills the biggest gap as yet by allowing Bynum and Gasol to take a more active role in the offense. Arenas would not do that. Sessions makes the offense more effective, while Arenas on the other hand, does the entire opposite.
Our advice to the LA lakers would be to not buy into all the propaganda circulating around Arenas. There’s certainly a reason he’s a free agent.
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