Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald gets amazing new deal, Eagles DeSean Jackson wants the same

DeSean Jackson looking for deal comparable to Larry Fitzgerald's new contract

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Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald’s new contract has given birth to a whole new level of greed and ambition in the NFL. Seeing the receiver’s new lustrous contract, other players in the league are now mouth watering for lucrative renewals of their own.

Philadelphia Eagles receiver, DeSean Jackson, is one of those players who are demanding a new contract with their club.

Jackson is happy for Fitzgerald’s financial success but he wants the same for himself too. As the media leaked out word of Fitzgerald’s new contract, Jackson instantly congratulated him in a message he posted, “Congrats to my Big Bro LarryFitzgerald!! Well deserved . . . Wideouts ballin!!”

The new contract between club and player was announced late on Saturday night. The 8-year-deal is expected to rake in $120 million for Fitzgerald, from which $50 million will be guaranteed. This package makes Fitzgerald’s salary the 5th highest in the league on a $15 million average scale. It might be worth the mention that the other top four players with highest salaries in the league are quarterbacks.

Analysts have concluded that the deal is by far the highest amount of money ever paid in a contract to a wide receiver. Carolina Panthers Steve Smith comes in at the 2nd place pocketing $10.9 million on average annually.

The scenario places all agents in the league at awkward stance, as players wonder about their true potential value and the efforts of their agents to make it well represented. Drew Rosenhaus, Jackson’s agent, would certainly have to answer some hard questions.

Jackson will be wondering if Rosenhaus is actually looking out for him. Recently, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg was questioned about Jackson’s 22.5 yards per catch. Critics will lambast Rosenhaus being unable to get his client, Jackson, a better contract in spite of this amazing feat.

“Yards-per-catch is a huge correlation to winning,” Mornhinweg stated. “That’s a tribute to his skill and ability. He’s excellent in the yards per catch area and that’s a plus for our team.” As promised earlier, Jackson has not commented publically about his contract since his arrival.

Last Saturday, 28-year-old Fitzgerald talked about the episode and committed his entire career to one team. The 3rd overall pick in the drafts of 2004 stated, “It is an honor. I am so fortunate. Not many players have that opportunity but (owner) Michael (Bidwill) has allowed me that opportunity and I just want to repay him with great effort and winning. That is what is important.”

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8/24/11   |   Wizard31508   |   3044 respect

No way he deserves Fitzgerald kind of money. He has had one good season and still is to cocky to be trusted on the field. Some ones gonna lay him out good, and he aint gonna be worth anything.

8/24/11   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

RaiderSteeler15 wrote:
Is it me or alot of athletes have became money hungry??

Yep. And water has also become wet.

8/24/11   |   RaiderSteeler15   |   21426 respect

Is it me or alot of athletes have became money hungry??

8/24/11   |   WhoDat12   |   2252 respect

He can get that kind of money...on Madden 12.

8/24/11   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

He should use his speed to run around and find it...unfortunately he'll never run that fast.  simply not enough money to go around in Philly