Arizona Football: Wildcats Release 'Speed' Movie Trailer to Devalue 10-Second Rule

Rich Rodriguez Stars in Another Arizona Movie Production

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Rich Rodriguez and the Arizona Wildcats’ video production team are back at it again, topping their  Blog Photo - Arizona Football: Wildcats Release 'Speed' Movie Trailer to Devalue 10-Second RuleHard Edge” Western-style spoof from last June with a parody about the infamous 10-second rule that’s currently taking the college football world by storm.

This two-and-a-half minute experiment is a movie trailer that downplays the proposed rule to slow offenses down, making Rodriguez the catalyst. Of course, to add more laughs, he’s with Sandra Bullock from the bus scene in the movie “Speed.”

“Let’s not distort the facts because of your personal agenda,” Rodriguez says. “There’s no evidence that fast-paced offenses lead to more injuries. In fact, there are less injuries with faster offenses.”

It’s a pretty clever way to get the message across, although it seems like his opinion is widely agreed upon among other coaches. Only 25 of 128 FBS head coaches favored the slow-down proposal, according to an ESPN poll.

Arizona ran 83.2 plays per game in 2013, giving it the seventh-fastest offense in the nation. But that’s nothing compared to the speed that 2014 will bring—the narrator promises that the speed will only get faster.

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