Arizona State AD upset because Notre Dame may cancel a game in 2014

Arizona State AD gets mad at Notre Dame for being Notre Dame

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Jan 7, 2013; Miami, FL, USA;  Notre Dame Fighting Irish players gather around co captain defensive end Kapron Lewis-Moore (89) before the 2013 BCS Championship game against  the Alabama Crimson Tide at Sun Life Stadium.  Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY SportsBecause of an agreement with the ACC, Notre Dame will likely cancel a few of their scheduled games in the 2014 season. Arizona State appears to be the victim of the scheduling snafu, and ASU athletic director Steve Patterson is less than thrilled about it.

"The school didn't have the courtesy to have the athletic director call the athletic director at ASU to discuss it. They had their PR guy call us to give us a message Friday afternoon while everybody was out of town at the Final Four. At least in the little Catholic town I grew up in, the good nuns wouldn’t have thought that was a very appropriate way to honor your word."

Notre Dame has to play 5 ACC teams because of their inclusion in the conference in every sport except football, so Arizona State might be the odd man out.

Patterson shouldn't be surprised. Not only is this a pretty common practice among NCAA football teams, it's incredibly common for the Irish. They've always cherry-picked their opponents, and it's one of the biggest advantages they have as an independent.

This is exactly why Notre Dame should be forced to join a conference. Not necessarily by the NCAA, but the other teams could force their hand by turning down invitations to play Notre Dame until they join a contract.

Of course, money dictates that they would never do that, and money is also a huge reason why Patterson is so upset. He knows he could probably find another opponent, but it would definitely not be an opponent with the cache and financial upside that a game against Notre Dame would offer.

In the end, people will just let Notre Dame continue to schedule the teams that best offer them a chance to win as many games as possible, with a couple rivalry games and/or "tough" opponents to give them the perceived strength of schedule that they need to climb the rankings.

That's just Notre Dame being Notre Dame. Get used to it.
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