Arizona Wildcats Football: Who got arrested?

3/8/12 in NCAAF   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

There is a big problem at hand for Arizona Wildcats program, a program which is basically a composition of various sports like hockey, basketball, baseball and other American sports for college students. The problem that the Arizona Wildcats program has encountered recently is the fact that four players got detained last Friday night because of party clash. This is bad news for the Arizona Wildcats program as it is not only going to lead to bad publicity for the Arizona Wildcats program but also lead to few chances of success in different mediums because of their new found reputation.
Four players from the Arizona Wildcats were put under arrest for criminal trespassing. This actually occurred because these players barged in on a party where they obviously were not invited. The party members stopped them but the players got in to fist fights and even injured a woman at the party. This was an open invitation to a proper clash between the players and the party members and as a consequence, the players who were unfair on their part got arrested.
The arrest part, as a matter of fact, comes later. After this fight at the party, those players gathered a bigger group of other players and headed off to other parties and got into various fights there. They attacked women, mainly and caused chaos.
Like already mentioned above, this type of behavior illustrated by college students is intolerable along several lines. Be it publicity or by maintaining the good reputation of the college or just viewing it generally, such a behavior doesn’t reflect civility and respect rather it is highly dangerous to have such aggressive people in the Arizona Wildcats. There is a high chance of them being a part of such activities in the future. No wonder this situation has reached such a zero tolerance level like snapping fingers for the coaches at the Arizona Athletic Department. It’s such an extreme sort of a situation that students might be even kicked out of the college because it’s too dangerous to keep them and it’s severely against the disciplinary regulations of the institute.
This situation is a legal matter now and inquiries on this one are extremely likely to be made. Although this is a separate issue from the school, the players are not only part of the school rather they are accountable to other institutes too namely their team, coach and other fellow players.
The coach from the Arizona Wildcats is experiencing sheer disappointment over the issue with the Arizona Wildcats. This is the first issue of its kind for the coach and he has never experienced anything like this before hence he wants things to go appropriately and carefully. This adds more weight to the problem at hand because the coach is new, inexperienced and has to face a problem of this magnitude at such an early date. 
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