Arkansas State Police investigating Trooper’s part in Michael Dyer’s March arrest

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOnce again Arkansas State running back Michael Dyer faces an uncertain future in college football after the Arkansas Stet Police released a 559-minute video of his 10th March arrest. With that, the Arkansas State Police have launched an investigation into the Michael Dyer’s arrest after new evidence surfaced indicating that Trooper Royce Denney may have attempted to cover-up more severe charges against the 21-year-old.
The Arkansas State Police have not released its findings into the case, citing that the investigation consists of personal matters relevant with the Royce Denney.
Michael Dyer had been ticketed by Royce Denney for over speeding with 96 mph in a 70 mph zone. But audio and video footage from the incident indicates that Michael Dyer had been stopped by Royce Denney for possession of marijuana and a handgun. Michael Dyer was accompanied by an unidentified female and it is unclear at this stage whether the marijuana belonged to her or the running back.
However, it is evident from the footage that Royce Danny, who was counseling Michael Dyer into the alternate methods of dealing with the arrest was concerned about the “NCAA crap” and the consequences of the arrest on the running back’s career.
 “What if I talk to (coach) Gus Malzahn, or however you say his name?” Royce Denney offers as a suggestion at some point in the footage of Michael Dyer’s arrest. “I really don't want to tell him about this because of the NCAA crap. I know there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind closed doors between coaches and players…”
The conversation takes off towards the best approach to handle the situation with the “weed.”  Royce Denney asks Michael Dyer if it will be "all out of your system" within a month.
However, the discovery of the handgun infuriates Royce Denney, who questions Michael Dyer’s choices.
“You don't need it,” says Denney. If you think it makes you look cool, you're stupid…It pisses me off that someone of your stature and your ability does this kind of stupid (expletive).”
Royce Denney offers to hold Michael Dyer’s gun so that it can’t be traced back to the running back, to which Michael Dyer agrees. Royce Denney further talks about taking Arkansas State coach Gus Malzahn into trust so that his advice can also be heard.
“I didn't say keep it," Royce Denney says. “Maybe we can get together some other time, and you can have it back after me and coach talk.”
“I'm going to let coach make the decision ,” adds Royce Denney. “If he wants me to keep it, I'll keep it. If he wants me to get it delivered to him, I'll get it delivered to him or whatever.”
The Arkansas State Police suspended Royce Denney from patrol duty following the discovery of the evidence. It is still unclear if Gus Malzahn was ever contacted by Trooper Royce Denney.
However, it is easier to put together the pieces now since everything is out in the open. Gus Malzahn who recruited Michael Dyer from Auburn following the running back’s suspension on team unspecified violations, took a similar action by dismissing him during the weekend.
"I am truly disappointed that it didn't work out here at ASU for Mike," Gus Malzahn said in a press release. "I wish Mike nothing but the best in the future."
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