Arrests peak in San Francisco after 49ers lose Super Bowl

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhile the Maryland region was partying hard on Sunday, most of San Francisco was trying to drown its sorrows after the 49ers lost a close Super Bowl game to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. For a few precious moments, almost every face in San Francisco was lit up with high hopes and aspirations as the 49ers rallied to a post blackout comeback, only to still get stuck disheartening Super Bowl results. Though initial denial turned to overriding disappointment, the authorities were able to avoid the violent phase through some preliminary steps and a strict protocol.
Though unhappy fans stumbled out of bars in the Mission District, the center of last fall’s celebrations that blew out of control and turned violent after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, nobody caused any serious trouble.
"City-wide, everything seemed to be pretty good," police officer Carlos Manfredi said. "We did have a couple of flare-ups in the Mission District but otherwise everyone seemed to be behaving themselves."
The police said they arrested 25 individuals for public intoxication, which is still a preliminary count. A final count of arrests made by the police was expected later next day.
Strict measures were enforced to ensure there couldn’t be a reoccurrence of the damage caused by the San Francisco 49ers fans after their home team won the NFC Championship two weeks prior. The police arrested more than a dozen individuals, predominantly on public intoxication charges.
The aftermath of San Francisco Giants winning the World Series was much worse as a wave of jubilant and drunken fans took over the city streets, setting buses ablaze, turning over cars and burning trash containers. The police made around three doze arrest that night.
The city authorities took adequate preemptive measures towards the end of Super Bowl this time. As the San Francisco 49ers lost 34-31 in the Super Bowl, dozens of police officers and sheriff's deputies spread out across the city on foot, monocycles or patrol cars. The police even had a bird in the air, looking out for the first signs of trouble.

"We will not tolerate the types of property destruction and violence that took place during the World Series," said San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon on Friday.
Bars had also been given instructions on responsible serving of liquor to public, while the
San Francisco transit officials re-routed some buses and deactivateed out a part of city’s famed cable car service.
Additional California highway Patrol officials were appointed to duty on Sunday, to ensure everyone was driving “safe and sober”.
"We want everybody enjoying the game with their family and friends,” said California Highway Patrol Sgt. Diana McDermott.
San Francisco 49ers mayor Ed Lee had taken a round of the Mission district with Police Chief Greg Suhr and Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White last week to reassure the financial sector that there will be no disruptions of law and order this time in the city.
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