Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger puts UEFA to the sword for reckless rules and regulations

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Blog Photo - Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger puts UEFA at the sword for reckless rules and regulations
European football’s governing body UEFA became a laughing stock before Arsenal went out to play against Montpellier. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists UEFA is clueless about how to handle punishments or suspensions in football.
 The Gunners boss ripped apart UEFA for not letting him coach his men from the sidelines. Another ban in Europe kept Arsene Wenger from guiding his team by the sidelines in Arsenal’s Champions League opener against Montpellier.  
Arsene Wenger received a three-match ban by UEFA for confronting the referee following Arsenal’s last 16 Champions League exit against AC Milan back in March last year. Arsene Wenger has served three bans in the space of a year.
The legendary boss of North Londoners was critical about UEFA last night. The Frenchman told reporters that UEFA really knew how to dish out penalties and make rules of their own.
“It is a nightmare,” Arsene Wenger said. “They love to suspend me, but honestly nobody knows really – even at UEFA – what is allowed and not allowed.
“And when I ask what is it really about, nobody can tell me.
“Let’s not forget, I was suspended last year for having done what they told me I can do.”
Arsene Wenger was banned from the Champions League qualifier against Udinese last season. Arsene Wenger’s first team coach Boro Primorac also received a ban. Consequently, the assistant to the first team Pat Rice had to act as Arsene Wenger on field. Arsene Wenger kept in touch with Pat Rice during the match via mobile phone.
Due to his actions Arsene Wenger received a further ban of two games. The infuriated Frenchman later claimed that UEFA had given him the green light to use such means of contact.
“When I went back there and said, ‘Why do you want to punish me?’, they said, ­‘Because you communicated with your bench’. I said, ‘But you allowed me to do it’, and they said, ‘But we made a mistake and we punish you’.”
Arsene Wenger believes such punishments are unnecessary. He suggested that fines would act as better punishments at such levels.
“Honestly many people at UEFA, even (president) Michel Platini, said that we should let people work, even when they are suspended,” Arsene Wenger said. “It is part of the job – it is restriction of work. Financially they punish you and they ban you as well.
“But I don’t make a fuss of it – I will ­address the team in the hotel.”
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