Arsenal vs Wigan Reviewed

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Blog Photo - Arsenal vs Wigan ReviewedArsenal slumped to an unfortunate defeat at the hands of Wigan, their third at home this season in the League and their first since September. But most importantly it gives Tottenham a chance to cut the gap on Arsenal to two points in the race for third in the league. And considering that Arsenal are to play Chelsea at the weekend and still have a fixture at Stoke remaining, Arsenal have managed to put themselves in a precarious situation.

On a side note, please stop crying over what Robin van Persie did post match. If you see the video clearly you will notice that van Persie did actually move his hand in Caldwell’s direction but both times Caldwell moved his hand away as if to tease van Persie. This and not the match itself frustrated the Arsenal front man.

No discredit to Wigan who played brilliantly throughout the match but the two goals that were conceded, especially the second one was very scrappy. Let’s hear what Wenger has to say:

We made it difficult for ourselves because we had quite a good start but we defended horrendously for the first and second goals. Everybody involved was included for the first and the second goals. On top of that we conceded a second goal with 10 men on the pitch.

It took us too much time to change and it was absolutely unbelievable. We conceded the first when Arteta was out and we could not put the player on because he is not ready. That penalized us for the second goal and after that we had a mountain to climb.

I felt in the first half we had enough chances to come back to 2-2, but the second half we dropped our level, lost our team play, our cohesion and tried too much individually. There was not enough petrol left in the tank anymore. We didn't see anyone who could make a difference. They defended well. We had a tremendous amount of possession but didn't create a lot in the second half.

I don’t see any fault with the team’s commitment and it would be wrong to say if Arsenal weren’t ambitious enough. What went missing was the tactical flexibility that Arsenal showed in the match against the Wolves. There were times in the match when there were 21 players in the opposition half and it was astounding to see 7-8 players in the six yard box. What Arsenal needed to do was to keep a little lower on the field and let them open up. Wigan were extremely compact and defended with a deeper line and it played against Arsenal who were bereft of space and couldn’t get behind the Wigan defense. I’m not a tactical genius but Arsenal should have tried something different knowing that their forays were not working.

A lot has been said about the time wasting issue and I’m not going to add to it but I must say that it was absolutely disgraceful but then again I don’t blame them. Arsenal need to put this behind them and drill the final nail in Chelsea’s coffin.
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