Arsene Wenger confirms Jack Wilshere’s return against Man Utd

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Blog Photo - Arsene Wenger confirms Jack Wilshere’s return against Man Utd
Arsene Wenger claims Jack Wilshere was left on the bench against Fulham because of a reaction to his recent ankle injury. The Arsenal manager told reporters that the midfielder “was in pain”, after the goalless draw with Everton last weekend, which is why he was given a break from the game.
In spite of Jack Wilshere’s absence, Arsenal managed to win the game 1-0 over Fulham on Saturday, taking them to third place on the Premier League table. However, London rivals Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur are breathing down their noses only a point apart.
The Emirates boss confirmed Jack Wilshere had managed to evade a major injury, still it was advisable to keep him rested against Fulham this weekend.
“He was in a bit of pain after the Everton game and I just felt to give him three games in six days would be too much,” said Arsene Wenger. “Now he has a break until next Sunday, so he will be available (against United).
“There is no basic ankle problem. I just do not want to go into a vicious circle again when I play him, I play him, I play him and then suddenly (he has a problem). I think coming back after six weeks out, two games in a week was enough.
“I don't want the game in England to lose the commitment and combative side, but Jack has a game that is based on dribbling so he is more exposed to kicks than players who are just passing players. You don't want him to lose that because that is his strength.”
Arsene Wenger also asked Arsenal fans to respect Robin van Persie during next week’s battle against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium. The Dutch striker will return to the Emirates for the first time since moving into Manchester United last summer.
“We will respect the players that have played for us a long time as we always have done and treat them well before and after the game,” Arsene Wenger added. “As a champion or not as a champion it is exactly the same. What I want is for us to have a good game and to beat them, it doesn't matter what kind of status they come with.
“We have 63 points and we have four games to go, two at home, two away. Let's go and win the next one, that's all we can do.”
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